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10 Steps to Drive / Keep Rats Out of Your House

Keep Rats Out of Your House

Date: 02.23.2024

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In the fall, an innumerable army of insect pests is finally losing ground and we, pushing a sprayer torn apart over the summer, finally sighing calmly. But it was not there! The harmful insects are replaced by a horde of voles (Rodents / rats), which, not finding anything edible in the empty vegetable garden, rush straight to our homes, that’s why you need to keep rats out of your house and get rid of rats in house fast.

Compared to insects, these rats are much more dangerous: they not only strike with their extraordinary gluttony and omnivorousness, but also carry serious infectious diseases. Therefore, having noticed the first signs of rats activity in the room, you need to urgently go on the warpath and be aware of dangers of having rats in your home.

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how to get rid of rats in house fast if you have a rat problem?

For this purpose, I have collected in one article proven ways to combat mice or how to get rid of rats in house fast. You just have to choose the most acceptable option to get rid of rats in your home, depending on where you will deploy hostilities: in a private house where you live all year round, a summer cottage that is mothballed for the winter, a shed or a cellar.

Keep cat at home – best way to catch a rat outside

keep rats out of your house
A good cat will not miss a single mouse and keep rats out of your house / get rid of rats in house fast.

Inhabitants of villages and villages from time immemorial keep cats on the farm so that they help fight rats. The tailed striped are rarely allowed into the living room – they mainly lead a yard lifestyle, catching pests in the local area. But if this fall nimble voles / rats have made their way into your home, invite the cat to winter in a warm, cozy room, because this is the easiest and safest way to keep rats out of your house / room.

Just do not feed the fluffy assistant “from the belly”, otherwise his hunting instinct will completely disappear. And if your household does not yet have such a comrade in arms, it’s time to show mercy and warm up a homeless handsome man.

Serpentine Spirit – how to stop rats from coming in your house

keep rats out of your house
It is not necessary to start a snake, it is enough to get its feces to keep rats out of your house.

Do not be alarmed, I am not suggesting that you have a snake in your house that would catch mice or keep rats out of your house or work as exterminators to get rid of rats. But you can visit a terrarium, zoo, or pet store and ask the workers to put dry snake feces into the jar.

Such a product, spread near the mouse passages, will instantly force the rodents to leave the occupied territory, being an best rat removal technique. The method to keep rats out of your house, to put it mildly, is unusual, but very effective!

Aromatherapy To Keep Rats Out of Your House

If the presence of snake feces in your own home does not make you optimistic, play on the keen sense of smell of mice in a different way / best rat removal.

keep rats out of your house
You can use mothballs to scare off mice to keep rats out of your house or to get rid of rats in your roof
  • Buy peppermint, lemon balm, or citrus essential oils from your pharmacy. Soak cotton balls in oil and spread out where mice appear most often and from where, in your opinion, they make their way into the room (vents, cracks in baseboards, front door, etc.). Refresh your fragrances periodically, as the essential oils evaporate over time and stop scaring away rodents.
  • The same effect can be achieved by expanding in bowls, open boxes, or simply on the floor of the dry grass of mint, peppermint and lemon balm- these plants often grow in gardeners’ plots. Don’t throw away peels from oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits – these peels can easily replace a store-bought essential oil. The scent of wormwood and tansy will also scare off mice and can get rid of rats- these herbs can be collected in the vicinity or bought at the pharmacy.
  • Rodents cannot stand the smell of birch tar , naphthalene, turpentine, kerosene and formalin. But since these “flavorings” smell rather unpleasant, they are used to fight mice in non-residential areas. Liquid foods are poured into bowls or soaked with rags. Naphthalene is used in the form of balls or the powder is mixed with sawdust in a ratio (1:1).
  • Special commercial rats repellents, which are offered in the form of powder or granules, and exude an unpleasant aroma for animals, will also drive rodents out of the room or keep rats out of your house. Such products from the store usually do not affect a person’s sense of smell and do not contain toxins, therefore, they can be used both in household buildings and in living rooms.

Delicacy With A Surprise

Some comrades have come up with a more sophisticated way of fighting mice, it is not suitable for sensitive natures and people who are sensitive to all living things.

  • You will need a mixture of wheat flour and alabaster (stucco), which is prepared in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • The treat should be placed on the floor and a bowl of water should be placed next to it.
  • After such a “treat” (mice do not feel the presence of alabaster in the flour), the rodents will experience severe indigestion, since the mixture will begin to solidify like cement.

The agonizing death of rodents is also promised by a mixture of quicklime and sugar. A delicacy with a wine cork is no less effective. It needs to be finely crushed, mixed with bread crusts and seasoned with unrefined sunflower oil. Once in the animal’s stomach, the plug will swell and then clog its intestines.

Ash Keep Rats Out of Your House

A free and effective rodent control tool is wood ash that will keep rats out of your house, which you can more than stock up on after pruning your garden in the fall. Cover the floor with ash (it must be dry) of the subfloor of the house or cellar, using at least 1 bucket for every 10 m².

Since animals often lick their paws, alkaline ash will quickly enter their stomach and cause severe irritation. After such torment, the mice will prefer to find a more comfortable wintering place for themselves.

For a person, ash is not dangerous, you can only get dirty about it. Therefore, when backfilling, do not forget to leave clean passages for yourself. And have patience: mice, soiled in ash, will first carry it throughout the house, but after a short time they will leave the room.

Purchased Mousetraps

This method of struggle is one of the simplest and most effective to keep rats out of your house. You just need to visit a specialized store and purchase 1 or a dozen (for a faster effect) mousetraps there. The range of such devices today is much wider than before: both “old-fashioned” mechanical devices and modern electronic mousetraps are on the shelves.

More humane buyers will be attracted by plastic and metal mouse traps that do not kill animals, but only catch. What to do with the prankster, you already decide for yourself.

Also Read: Rodent Proof Construction and Exclusion Methods

Homemade Traps For Rats / Mice / Rodents

keep rats out of your house
Bucket and spinning cylinder trap keep rats out of your home.

Craftsmen who do not want to spend money on store gadgets, to keep rats out of house, have come up with a huge number of homemade mousetraps. Among them, the design on the basis of a bucket and a rotating cylinder stands out for its efficiency.

Take a bucket and secure a knitting needle or strong wire across the edge. Before securing the wire, place a can or a small plastic bottle on it, and coat it with bait at the end of the work (or attach the bait with rubber bands). Place a plank on the bucket so that the mice can get to the bait.

Having stepped on the can (bottle), the animal will make it rotate, and itself will inevitably fall into the bucket. If you want the pest to die, fill the container with water.

Ultrasonic Scarers – who can get rid of rats

If you do not have the time and desire to engage in such creativity, you can do it easier – buy an ultrasonic rat repeller. Such a life hack does not work on a person, but it annoys mice and makes them get away from unpleasant radiation helping in keep rats out of your house and to stop rats from coming in your house.

Remember that the ultrasonic pulses emitted by the repeller do not penetrate walls. Therefore, for each room in the house, you will need to purchase a separate device, having previously familiarized yourself with the range of its operation (each device covers a certain area).

Sticky Traps For Mouse

You should definitely give credit to the sticky rat trap, which you can quickly make from store-bought rat glue.

Take a plank or other improvised material that the rat will not be able to drag away after itself if it gets stuck in a trap. The size of the board is at your discretion – from 10×10 cm or more. Apply 1-2cm strips of glue to the surface of the trap at intervals of about 5cm and leave it in the place where mice appear most often. Place the bait in the center of the board for added effect.

You will need to periodically check the trap and remove adhering animals from it, and renew the adhesive.

Poison – what kills rats fast – best rat removal method

You can kill rats fast with the help of poisons that manufacturers today introduce into a wide variety of products: grains, granules, wax and dough briquettes, powder, gel, etc. Put poisoned bait in disposable plates and place them indoors at a distance of 3- 5 m apart in places where mice appear most often. Make sure that children and pets cannot reach these areas.

After a couple of days, add the preparation to the plates if its amount has decreased. If after a week the poison remains intact, move the bait to another place. Continue updating portions until all rodents have been destroyed.

Final Thoughts on how to make rats leave your house

Mice are much more afraid of us than we are of them. And they can hardly compete with us in ingenuity and ingenuity. So don’t panic if you see signs of rodents in your home. Go to the front line right away, without waiting for the pests to multiply in countless numbers. The above means will not leave the rodents a single chance to win and will quickly rid the room of uninvited guests.

Dear readers, if you have already tried any of the described methods of fighting mice in practice, be sure to share your impressions in the comments. And by all means tell us if you know of more effective methods that have helped you get rid of these pests.

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