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4 steps to recover from a breakup?

recover from a breakup

Date: 02.23.2024

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Romantic breakups are one of the most painful hazards in life. However, it is possible to feel better and more confident in your life quickly and naturally by following these four steps to recover from a breakup.

Table of Contents

First step: mourning the relationship

Accepting sadness is an essential step during a breakup. Everything makes you think of your ex, you think about it all the time, like an endless loop. You no longer believe in love, you think that you will end up alone and you wonder when this obsession will end

Even though this feeling seems overwhelming, what you are feeling is normal. Do not try to fight this sadness at first: the more you accept it, the easier it will pass.

You can externalize your feelings and your emotions even in an artistic way by writing, singing, dancing … Do not stay alone, in the event of recover from a breakup, call your friends: they are there for that too.

Tell yourself that with each passing day, your pain is fading.

If the feeling of sadness is too intense, take the time to recharge your batteries with your breathing and this relaxation therapy exercise: one hand on your stomach, one hand on your lower back, take a deep breath through your nose over 4 strokes while pushing back your belly and a long expiration through the mouth over 4 beats while feeling your belly lower under your hands. Do this exercise for ten minutes to feel real relief.

Second step: devote time to yourself as a priority

I see you come and jump on dating apps. With only one idea in mind: to find the next one: “Sure, next time it will be the right one!” . “Wait a minute !” In your will to do battle with loneliness you forget the most important: you.

Finding the next partner as quickly as possible is not the goal. Learn to know yourself and to feel good, it is essential for a fulfilling love life.

Your goal is to seduce yourself. Do solo dates and focus on what you love to do, what makes you feel fulfilled. Why ? Because the more you will feel fulfilled alone, the more you will nourish yourself with activities that appeal to you, the more you will be radiant and the more you will naturally attract your next conquest with your most attractive asset. formidable: your unique personality .

Step three: set the intentions for your next story

This step is broken down into three sub-steps:

  • Understand your relationship dynamics

If you have the feeling of stringing together the same relationship scenario (such as the movie “Un jour sans fin”) it may be a sign of previous undigested emotions.

Take the time to come back to your previous stories, and ask yourself the right questions to better understand how you are in love. For example :

  • What were the common faults / qualities between your different partners?
  • Are the expectations of your partners realistic?
  • What are your limits? (which character trait or act is a categorical no?)
  • What is important to you in a relationship?
  • How would you like to feel in a relationship?

These questions will allow you to better understand what you want to experience in your romantic life.

  • Free yourself from limiting emotions and beliefs

“Dating apps suck”
“Anyway, it’s always the same, I get kicked out all the time”
“I’m not normal, I’m not made to be couple”


These thoughts are not working your way. And the more you think about it, the more you will turn your attention to it and look for any evidence that shows that this situation is true. This is called confirmation bias. Learn to let go of your emotions.

Also, when you find yourself on a negative and fatalistic spiral, consider questioning those thoughts. Are they true? Are they the result of past experiences and can you have a different experience today?

  • Breathing and visualization at the service of your love life

Stay with me, you’ll see why.

Sophrology and its various breathing exercises are ideal for accompanying you in your sentimental rebirth. It adapts to your needs (especially in terms of anxiety management, and confidence in your potential for seduction).

Finally, Visualization allows you to develop positive feelings around your love life and imagine living love fully.

You can have fun visualizing your next story: how would you like to feel? What experiences would you like to have with your partner?

The idea is not to predict the future in a crystal ball but to focus on how you would like to feel. This way, you will know more quickly the next time you meet if the story you are living is in tune with what you want.

Fourth step to recover from a breakup: get started and let go!

When you feel ready, don’t forget to take action and dare to strike up a conversation when you meet someone you like.

Finally, remember: don’t look for your next romantic relationship. Concentrate on yourself while approaching your meetings with curiosity, without projecting specific expectations. The rest will follow naturally.

If you feel a feeling of fear or anxiety that takes more and more space in relation to your love life, do not hesitate to get closer to a professional: relaxation therapy associated with personalized coaching will allow you to find ways lasting your self-confidence and realizing how unique, radiant and exceptional you are.

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