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5 common side effects of anal sex

side effects of anal sex

Date: 02.23.2024

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Anal sex, it tempts us… but, side effects of anal sex, we fear the worst. We take stock of 5 most common side effects of anal sex that can occur during and after the act.

For some time now, you have wanted to be tempted by painless anal sex with your partner. This practice is generally characterized by a man who performs anal penetration in a woman. But you can also vary the pleasures by testing the peggings! Also called “pegging” in French, pegging is a sexual act in which a woman penetrates a man using a strap-on.

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5 little inconveniences / side effects of anal sex that can occur…

Some small accidents can occur during anal sex. We reveal to you the 5 most frequent accidents during anal sex.

1. Bloating

This is quite normal: after anal sex, the person penetrated (man or woman) may feel bloated and let out a gas or two. Hence the importance of testing anal sex with a partner in whom we have 100% confidence… We derail!

And also… The impression of being constipated or, on the contrary, of having diarrhea. Don’t panic: it’s usually just an impression.

> True / False: 10 misconceptions about sodomy

2. Small bleeding

If the sodomy was a little brutal (understand: without lubricant, without foreplay and / or without delicacy), small bleeding may occur after the act. If they are small and temporary, no need to worry; on the other hand, if it persists, a visit to the doctor is necessary – it can be hemorrhoids, even an anal fissure. Reminder: successful anal sex is painless!

And also… Small pains, even a feeling of “burning” when you go to the toilet.

3. Suspicious spots

Between bodily fluids, lubricant and brownish discharge, anal sex can be messy. To limit damage to the mattress, consider taking a good shower before cuddling – the enema, meanwhile, is not recommended by doctors since it can upset the anal and intestinal flora.

Good to know: faeces are stored in the large intestine, they only reach the rectum and anus during defecation. Therefore, unless there is a specific health problem, during sodomy, the risk of finding feces on the penis (or on the sex toy) is very low!

4. Muscle aches

Doggy style position, spoon position, elephant position… To test anal sex, there are several suitable sex positions. Except that in case of flexibility at the level of the daisies, this sexual experience can result in stiffness. Nothing serious: however, we advise you to do some stretching after somersaults to avoid them.

And also… A cramp during the act, it can happen!

5. Sexually transmitted infections

Warning: sodomy, because it can be the cause of anal micro-lesions, can promote sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The condom is therefore absolutely essential; remember to use a water-based lubricant (petroleum jelly and fatty substances can make the latex porous) and to change condoms if you go to vaginal penetration!

And also… There is a risk of urinary tract infection, or even vaginal infection, especially if you pass from the anus to the vagina without changing the condom.

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