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5 Fun Facts About Termites|All Good Facts!

Facts About Termites

Date: 11.27.2023

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Rising up from the deserts, tropical rain-forests, temperate woodlands and possibly your local park, termite mounds the nests are found on almost every continent. Today we are going to discuss, good and beautiful, fun facts about Termites.

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Fun Facts About Termites

How and Where Termites Live?

Some species of termites build nests underground and other species build huge above ground mounds.

These mounds can stretch to 80 feet across and 15 feet high, taller than a 2-story house. They are very strong structures made from, mud, digested water saliva and feces.

fun facts about termites
fun facts about termites: Giant Termite Mounds

Termites are amazing architects because they live in such large colonies. Termites create mounds that maintain the correct levels of moisture and temperature. The termites carefully create air channels throughout the mound that allow proper ventilation and circulation of Air. Click Read more about How Termites Operate?

It can take at colony 4 to 5 years to complete the build out their mound. However, one good rain storm can cause the Mound to collapse. Termites are constantly working to rebuild the mound As fast as the weather damages them. What you think about this fun facts about termites?

Weight of Termites and Why Their Presence is Important?

There are so many termites spread across the continents but the total weight of termites in the world is many times more than the total weight of all the humans in the world.

But it is a good thing that we have so many termites in our world because they play an important role in decomposing huge amounts of decaying wood and plants. Without termites our world would be a lot messier.

The only problem is termites can cause a lot of destruction when they live by humans. Homes and objects made with wood can be destroyed quickly by termites. They are known as silent destroyers because they can chew through walls and floors without being detected until a lot of damage is done. You can use our guide To Know how, to Eliminate Termites by yourself or To Know How you can find a good pest control Company that is right for you?
Let us know in comment below should you buy a home with Termite Damage?

Termites are Busy Little Creatures

This is the one of the most fun facts about termites. Termites are so busy little creatures they never stop eating or working. They work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Could you imagine working every hour of every day without rest? Termites live in colonies. They work together as a group to raise their young and do that work.

All termites have certain jobs,

  • Worker Termites are in charge of building, maintaining the mounds and foraging for food.
  • Soldier termites protect the mounds. They remain at the entrance of the mountains and try to keep away enemies such ants by using their sharp hook like mandibles.
    • If they detect danger kick the walls of the colony. This creates vibrations the warn the termites inside.
    • In spite of these warnings‘ termites are not always safe. Animals such as anteaters and aardvarks love termites. Birds and large bugs eat termites too and in some parts of the world people eat termites as a good source of protein. Some people even think termites a special treat.
  • Special workers and soldiers care for the eggs and young. Worker and soldier termites are male and females but they have no children and they have no wings. Most termites have wings that they eventually shed.

Can Termites See?

Both workers and soldiers almost completely blind. They don’t really need to see because they spend most of their lives in the dark. They don’t like sunlight so they usually travel in mud tubes and live underground in mounds or in nests made in trees. However, the king and queen termites can see because they need to find a mate.

How Many Eggs A Queen Termite Lay?

Female termite queens are quite fascinating. During her life span of 25 to 50 years a female queen termite will lay an egg about every 3 seconds thus producing nearly 30000 eggs in a day. Because of all these eggs termites’ mound can grow fast and become very large. Some termite mounds can hold about 3 Million termites. If the king or queen dies, a young termite will develop into the queen or king.

Humans including engineers and architects of studied termite mounds for years to understand and learn building techniques from the efficient tiny insects.

Do you know any other fun facts about termites? Please let us know in comment box below.

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