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7 tips to have beautiful skin and light legs in summer

tips to have beautiful skin and light legs in summer

Date: 02.23.2024

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If we are for the most part happy to see the sun and the heat return in the summer, this season nevertheless brings us some inconvenience: skin problems, and circulation mainly.

Here is a list of tips for a carefree summer, with beautiful skin and light legs!

Table of Contents

1 / eat anti-oxidant foods to have beautiful skin and light legs

First of all, you have to protect your skin from the sun. If this allows us to synthesize vitamin D, which is a good thing, it is nevertheless a factor in the aging of the skin. Indeed, free radicals are oxidizing. Free radicals attack your skin and oxidize cells, but the good news is that certain foods are rich in antioxidants, which will counteract the harmful effects of the sun. The easiest way is to incorporate them into your diet. These are carrots, tomatoes (the beautiful tomato salads of the summer!), Beets, raspberries, pecans, chocolate (cocoa, but don’t overdo it either!), nuts, raisins, hazelnuts, dried beans, blueberries, cranberries, artichokes, blackberries, prunes …

tips to have beautiful skin and light legs in summer

You can of course consume them plain or in juice. Make yourself a snack with berries, oilseeds, or a fresh fruit juice in which you have put raspberries for example!

2 / Bring the right nutrients to your skin

Our skin needs certain vitamins to protect itself from the sun. If you want to prepare your skin for the sun, it is worth consuming certain nutrients:

  • The beta-carotene: carrots, parsley, raw, cooked spinach, dried apricots, melons.
  • Of  Omega 3: sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon … (fatty fish)

Beta-carotene will prepare the skin for tanning and omega 3s, which are essential fatty acids, will help the skin to repair itself. You can also choose to put interesting oils on your skin: carrots, apricot kernel. They are another way to get beta-carotene to your skin.

3 / Stay hydrated

It is important to drink enough to prevent your skin from drying out but also of course to avoid dehydration. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, and in the case of hot weather increase this amount of water. If it is difficult for you to drink well, consider herbal teas (especially mint) and eat many fruits and vegetables to benefit from their water. The hydration of the skin also requires care: you can put Aloe Vera gel on the skin in the evening, particularly after exposure to the sun, it moisturizes enormously, and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin.

4 / Protect your skin from the sun

tips to have beautiful skin and light legs in summer

Remember of course to protect yourself. But not only when you go to the beach, the skin should always be protected. Put on your protective cream in the morning and put it back on every 2/3 hours if you are outside.

Choose a full screen (below 20 it doesn’t help much), and choose natural and organic so as not to have toxic substances in it. If you can, choose to go out before 11am / 12pm and after 4pm the sun is less damaging.

5 / stay active to preserve your legs

It’s not just the skin that is weakened in summer, our legs too. Indeed, for people who already have circulation problems, the heat will increase their worries tenfold. Against heavy legs, avoid trampling, put on comfortably (no too high heels) and walk a little during the day.

6 / Do cold baths and massages

In the morning and in the evening take a “special legs” shower, where you will pass a jet of cold water over your legs from the bottom upwards, this will prevent the dilation of your veins, and will protect you from varicose veins. You can complete with a bottom-up massage of the legs by palpating and rolling with the palms of the hands.

7 / take circulatory plants to help you

tips to have beautiful skin and light legs in summer

You can take circulatory plants, there are several interesting dosage forms. But in summer, hydration is fundamental! I recommend them in herbal tea. You can prepare a liter in the morning that you keep in the thermos, and that you drink throughout the day.

The circulatory plants are: red vine, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, witch hazel, blackcurrant (super anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory).

And now you are ready to spend a summer with beautiful skin and light legs.

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