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8 Erogenous zones to stimulate to excite a man

Erogenous zones: 8 parts of the body to stimulate

Date: 02.23.2024

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Nipples, neck or buttocks… We often tend to place the penis at the heart of pleasures during sexual intercourse while other erogenous zones of the male body are to be stimulated and can make your companion climb to the sky. Here are some tips and tricks to make him roar with pleasure!

During our sexual relations, we quite often privilege the main erogenous zone of the man: the penis, as if the only pleasure of the man were only reduced to his genital organ.

However, some areas of the body, even unsuspected, can be a source of pleasure. Indeed, when you set off on discovery and take the time to explore the human body, you realize that there are multiple parts of the body that can provide pleasant sensations. Good news for “upgrading” your sexual routine by adding a little spice!

When you know the tastes and preferences of your partner, it becomes easy to direct the caresses to the right places in order to make the pleasure last.

Table of Contents

Erogenous zones: what is it?

The word “erogenous” comes from the combination of two Greek words: eros (“love”) and gennan (“beget”). Thus, an erogenous zone is a part of the body that is sensitive to touch and capable of causing sexual arousal. These parts of the body can be stimulated by the hands, mouth or even the tongue. There are two erogenous zones: the primary zones and the secondary zones.

The primary erogenous zones, in other words, the common zones, are mainly focused on the genitals of men and women. The secondary erogenous zones, on the other hand, are more of the personal sphere. They can be located in different places according to the sex and vary according to the preferences of each one: the neck for the man or the knees for the woman. Often overlooked, these areas can provide maximum pleasure and titillate your partner.

Erogenous zones: the key to intercourse 2.0

Are you tired of your sexual routine and want to “pimp” your intimate relationships? By exploring the body of your partner, you will discover beautiful surprises.

When we think of the erogenous zones of women, we have in particular in mind the clitoris and the breasts. In men, we mainly think of the penis : however, there are many other erogenous zones! So let your creativity speak and vary the pleasures, you will see that there are several ways to send it to seventh heaven.

 male erogenous zones to discover with him
Discover “places of pleasure” to explore to get out of the routine.

In women, the two main erogenous zones are the clitoris and the breasts. Complementary “playgrounds” that allow exciting and creative preliminaries. On the other hand, in men, the choice seems a little more limited: we focus mainly on the glans – the “tip” of the penis – and, once we have tried masturbation and fellatio, we quickly did the tour of the possibilities… However, their erogenous zones are more numerous than one thinks! Overview of these “places of pleasure” to discover without delay:

Here are the 8 erogenous zones of the male body to discover:

1. Nipples

The nipple area, which constitutes the nipple, is a hypersensitive area and requires subtle caresses. To provide maximum pleasure, you can touch them, especially by passing your tongue around. You can also kiss them or even pinch them, as long as your partner likes it.

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In women, the nipples are a well-known source of pleasure; in humans, it’s the same! The nipple, that is to say the whole nipple and areola, is hypersensitive. You can kiss it, lick it, suck it… or even nibble it or pinch it if you like! The most daring will even dare to venture there with an ice cube (or with a hot / cold effect gel, to buy in specialized stores), to start a very exciting soft game …

2. The penis

It is the main erogenous zone of man. To stimulate it, opt for delicate caresses, touch it and vary the pleasures.

3. The testicles

Often forgotten during foreplay, the testicles can give pleasure to our partner. The scrotum, in other words the “bag” containing the two testicles of the man, is a very delicate area. Some men prefer not to touch them, others don’t mind massaging them delicately. You can also try 8 new ways to turn your partner on during foreplay.

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We tend to forget them during the preliminaries; yet, they can give pleasure to our partner. The entire scrotum (this is the “bag” that contains the two testicles in men) is very sensitive: if your darling is a little anxious, we just run the fingertip through it, for example during a fellatio. Does he seem to enjoy the caress? We can be bold and squeeze (delicately) the testicles in the palm of our hand, or even pinch or pull the skin.

4. Buttocks

Source of fascination for men but also for women, the buttocks are an area where the skin can be very sensitive to caresses but can also lend itself to different forms of stimulation: pinching, spanking…

5. Inside thighs

This part of the body is a very erogenous place for men (and also women). With caresses and / or back and forth movements with the tongue, it is possible to increase the sexual tension a notch!

6. The neck

This area known to welcome kisses could trigger stimulation to your partner’s penis and testicles. The back of the neck often causes chills. Indeed, the skin is fine and soft and therefore very sensitive to caresses. An area not to be forgotten during intimate intercourse.

7. The perineum

Yes, man does have a perineum and the muscles of this very innervated and erogenous zone are located between the anus and the penis. The muscles are very sensitive to caresses, especially when the penis is erect.

8. Prostate

The prostate massage, you know? The principle is to stimulate this small gland located under the bladder, just before the rectum. It is accessed by the anal route: just after the anus, we walk about 7 cm until you feel a soft and soft “bump” against the upper wall. If you stimulate him with your finger, be careful to cut your nails very short. Otherwise, some anal sex toys are specially designed for this type of pleasure.

Final Note

While the testicles, nipples and prostate are 3 “major” erogenous zones in men, other parts of the body can also be stimulated to increase desire. The perineum, for example: located between the base of the penis and the anus, this muscle is caressed with one or two fingers, quite vigorously. The buttocks of the man also contain many nerve endings: we stimulate them frankly with the fingers, the palms of the hands… even the nails! Have fun…

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