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Choosing materials for laying tiles in bathroom

Date: 09.29.2023

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The variety of ceramic tiles on offer today is impressive! With its help, you can make any interior fantasy come true, emphasize the individuality of your apartment. At the same time, repair is a labor-intensive and resource-intensive process, and it is extremely important that the materials are of high quality. This is especially true for renovation in the bathroom, since it is a so-called “wet zone” and the choice of tiles and materials for its installation has a number of specific features.

Table of Contents

Materials for surface preparation before laying tiles

The first step in preparing a bathroom for tiling is waterproofing. The application of a high-quality composition of waterproofing and compliance with the basic requirements for the process will protect the treated surfaces from the harmful effects of dampness, prevent mold damage, and save neighbors from below in emergency situations. To prevent the insulating agent from failing, you must not only carefully approach its choice, but also follow the basic rules for application:

  • application strictly to a clean, cleaned surface;
  • the speed of application is important for the prevention of cracks and cracks, allows you to make a complete coating;
  • minimizing application intervals ensures maximum adhesion between coats;
  • applying layers of different colors eliminates gaps.
laying tiles in bathroom

The types of waterproofing are subdivided by components and specific use:

  • Lubricating mastics: suitable for all surfaces, easy to dilute and apply, therefore they are used most often.
  • Impregnating (penetrating) solutions: used for porous surfaces, the constituents clog the pores and the outer layer is visibly strengthened.
  • Roll waterproofing: most often applied by pasting. This isolation option is quite laborious and is used less often.
  • Pastes and insulating plasters: applied with a trowel and are more suitable for spot treatment of small irregularities.

It should also be noted that there are often cases when noise insulation is required when preparing a bathroom for laying tiles. And, since these rooms are often small, thin insulating materials must be chosen. Soundproofing in the bathroom is carried out only in conjunction with waterproofing and fine finishing.

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What is required for laying tiles in the bathroom

laying tiles in bathroom

After completing the process of waterproofing the bathroom, you can proceed directly to laying the tiles. An important step before starting tiling is the selection of high-quality tile adhesive. The bathroom needs a glue with a high level of moisture resistance and heat resistance. When choosing, you must also be guided by the following parameters:

  • The size and weight of the selected tile. For example, ceramic tiles are lighter and less durable and base mixtures are used for their installation. But porcelain stoneware or stone tiles will only withstand reinforced adhesive mixtures with increased adhesion rates.
  • Surface features (walls, bathroom floor). Adhesive for concrete walls is significantly different from adhesive for wood walls, for example.
  • Features of the room. In our case, this is high humidity and temperature drops.
laying tiles in bathroom

Obviously, the choice of tile adhesive is the most important step in the bathroom cladding, because the quality and durability of your renovation directly depends on it. Consider what types of tile glue are now offered on the market:

  • Cement-containing glue. These are powdery mixtures that require mixing immediately before use. This is the cheapest type of glue, but it has sufficiently high quality characteristics, since modifying, elasticizing and other additives are added to the composition. This glue is suitable for all types of tiles.
  • Dispersion adhesive. It is a one-component paste, ready to use. Best for tiling in bathrooms with deformable or poorly absorbent surfaces.
laying tiles in bathroom
  • Reactive glue. This is the “heavy artillery” among tile adhesives: suitable for installation, even if the design requires stone slabs on the walls. Such glue begins to work when a special catalyst is added. But it should be noted that working with reactive glue must be very careful, since the substances that make up it during the reaction are not safe, and can cause allergic reactions and even poisoning if you do not follow safety precautions.

Speaking about the quality of tile laying, of course, we must not forget about the quality of the visual effect. The key point in this matter is the perfect even seams, which can be achieved using tile crosses. Cross stitch thickness starts at 1 mm and ends at 5 mm, in 0.5 mm increments. It is believed that the thinner the tile seam, the better the work of the tiler, but do not forget that this also depends on the type of facing material. And the thickness of the seam, in turn, affects the choice of grout, which we will now talk about.

Final work on laying tiles

laying tiles in bathroom

At the end of the tiling work in the bathroom, you need to grind the tile joints. Grouting takes on a number of functions:

  • Protective: prevents dirt and water from entering the seams and, as a result, infection and spread of fungus and mold.
  • Reinforcing: serves as an additional “support” for the tiles.
  • Decorative: transforms the appearance of the masonry, makes it complete and harmonious.

In modern renovation, two types of grout are used:

  1. The first, on a cement basis, is the most common today and the most affordable. It is quite easy to use.
  2. The second one, based on epoxy resin, is especially durable, has improved water and dirt-repellent properties, but requires high skill from the tiler’s master, as it quickly “gets up”. Accordingly, the cost of such grouting increases dramatically.
laying tiles in bathroom

Speaking of grouting, it is also important to note that silicone sealants are used to isolate tile joints in the bathroom from places with a special accumulation of water. Their advantages are that they additionally protect the seams, but are not too durable, they quickly darken and look unaesthetic.

With all the variety of modern finishing materials, tiles remain the best choice for decorating bathrooms. If the materials at all stages are chosen correctly, such a repair will serve you for many years in its original form.

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