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Choosing the right new windows for home

Choosing the right new windows for home

Date: 09.27.2023

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How to get new windows? When you want to change your windows that have become obsolete when renovating your home, you must take into account several parameters while choosing new windows for home, such as, what kind of windows should i get for my house? what kind of windows should i buy? how to choose new windows? the materials of replacement window?, the type of windows or the quality of the insulation, while of course taking the budget into account, and the locality to comply with town planning standards.

If your windows have seen better days, replacing them with energy efficient, double pane windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills while adding value and curb appeal to your home.

However, selecting the right windows for your home can be overwhelming given all the styles, materials, and features that are available to choose from. In addition, since this project is a major investment and new windows are expected to last up to 20 years, doing some homework before you make a decision can save on headaches later on.

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Back to the different criteria for choosing the right new windows for home.

The choice of materials For New Windows, what are the best windows for homes?

New or Replacement Windows

One of the first decisions a homeowner must make is between “new” and “replacement” windows. Here is the difference:

New Windows

New windows are usually installed when the homeowner wants to change the size or shape of the current window opening and put a completely new window in its place. This generally requires the work of a contractor to complete the installation and surrounding carpentry.

While new windows generally do not cost more than replacement, the additional labor adds to the overall price. A big advantage of new windows is that you have the option to completely change the appearance and feel of your home both inside and out.

Joinery and windows exist in different materials which each have their own characteristics. Criteria to study before purchase according to your expectations and your home.

Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows involves removing the old windows without disturbing the surrounding trim or frame, and replacing them with new windows or sash that are designed to fit right into the existing opening. Replacement windows cost around the same as new windows, but there is less labor involved in the installation, so the overall cost is less.

Replacement windows are a great option when the existing frame is still in good condition or when the trim is attractive and fits the décor of the home. Obviously the savings on labor costs are helpful when budget is a consideration. Depending on the manufacturer, replacement windows can be a stock size or they can easily be custom ordered to fit any opening.

Material and Types of windows

Wooden windows

Classic but always inimitable, wood has certain advantages when you want to change your joinery, especially your windows. Wood is a noble and warm material. It is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, and contrary to popular belief, it can be personalized. The wood, however, requires annual maintenance.

Pvc windows

Better value for money, PVC windows are a good way to renovate the insulation of your house at a controlled cost. Requiring no maintenance, PVC windows are rot-proof and are available with an unlimited choice of colors, but prefer rather light colors because dark colors are more sensitive to deformation in strong sunlight.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum is a very efficient and very robust material. Design is also a rot-proof material requiring almost no maintenance. Aluminum joinery is available with an unlimited choice of colors and adapts to all openings and particularly to large openings such as bay windows thanks to its very fine lines.

new windows for home

Note that there are windows that combine several materials, such as aluminum and pvc, or aluminum and wood windows.

Window insulation

Opt for double glazing or even triple glazing depending on the thermal insulation needs of your home and your budget. The larger the glazing, the better the thermal and also acoustic insulation. In addition, with triple glazing, you benefit from increased safety against impacts.

Types of window openings

When choosing your new windows , you might also consider reviewing the types of openings depending on the configuration of the rooms, your expectations and your style!

Once you have decided between new and replacement windows the next decision is the style or type of window you would like. The four most basic and popular types are:

  • The hinged opening: Classic opening of the window on a vertical axis on one or two sides for double leaves;
  • Tilt-and-turn opening: Opening in swing mode with the possibility of opening in bellows mode on a horizontal axis on the upper part of the window allowing it to open even in rainy weather while being safe for children.
  • Sliding opening: Horizontal sliding opening to open windows without clutter (practical in the kitchen). Opening that we find on the bay windows in particular. The opening can also be pocket, that is to say that the sliding part enters the wall for a complete opening without glazing. However, the pocket opening is tedious to implement in the event of renovation.
new windows for home

Also Read:

Town planning regulations

Each municipality has a local urban plan that you must take into account before choosing your new windows properly. Depending on the location of your accommodation that will accommodate the new windows, certain criteria will be imposed on you. This is sometimes the case with prohibited materials such as PVC. So be sure to inform yourself well before considering your work.

new windows for home

You shouldn’t have a hard time choosing your new woodwork now that you know what criteria to consider. Do not hesitate to consult the different joineries in stores before making your final choice.

Call on energy renovation professionals to help you choose your new windows. Indeed, these specialists are the most able to respond rigorously to your request by studying the specificities of your habitat and taking into account all these criteria for you.

In addition, the change of windows and joinery can be financed by aid when it is carried out as part of the energy improvement of your home with companies labeled REG . It would therefore be a shame to do without.

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