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Dark bedroom interior: how to decorate?

Dark bedroom interior: how to decorate?

Date: 02.23.2024

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Is a bedroom in a dark color a designer mistake or, on the contrary, a stylish solution? Dark bedroom ideas: This is what we will find out below. The article will tell you about all the features of such dark bedroom interiors, bedroom with dark furniture, and will also help to harmoniously decorate a dark bedroom in a modern style. 

Dark bedroom interior: how to decorate? Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting
Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting

Table of Contents

When should you choose dark colors for your bedroom?

  • You want to achieve an interesting visual effect in your bedroom. In such interiors, light elements look more advantageous. It’s all about contrasts: a dark background sets off and as if illuminates objects, allowing the eyes to focus on their outlines.
  • You want to add a touch of style to your dark bedroom. Saturated, deep shades will emphasize the nobility and even some drama of the bedroom. Pair them with furniture and black bedroom decor in one of the matching styles for an impressive result.
  • You strive to make the dark bedroom interior original. Designers have been taking advantage of the dark palette for a long time, but many of us still find such solutions unusual. Isn’t it time to give up the idea that a cozy bedroom must be light, as in Scandinavian design projects?
  • You prefer practicality. Dirt is hardly visible on dark surfaces. In addition, you have the opportunity to “dissolve” in space things that create unpleasant visual noise: hooks, wires, hangers. It is enough to match them in color to the walls and floor.

Features of bedroom design in dark colors: dark room aesthetic!

Dark bedroom interior: how to decorate? Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting
Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting

Dark bedroom ideas: Things to consider before opting to have a black bedroom are as follows,

  • The size of the room. If the room is small, use cool colors. Dark shades visually reduce the room, but the cold undertone compensates for this disadvantage. It creates the illusion of depth and erases boundaries. Therefore, walls painted in blue or dark turquoise will not put pressure on the inhabitants. If you have a spacious dark bedroom, refer to the warm palette. The red-brown scale will help to “collect” the space.
  • Lighting. Dark / black bedroom walls absorb light. To make the room comfortable, install several lamps in different parts of it.
  • Monotony. In dark interiors, bedroom with dark furniture, designers recommend working with plain surfaces. The fact is that prints against such a black background can seem too intrusive.
  • Gradient. Apply a gradient – a smooth transition of color from floor to ceiling. Usually the floor in the dark bedroom is made the darkest. The walls are painted in an intermediate shade, and the ceiling in a light one. This avoids a crushing impression.

In what style is it better to arrange interior in dark bedroom? Dark bedroom interior design ideas!

  • Gothic. A dark Gothic bedroom is not nearly as dark as you might think! It is enough not to be limited to only black color and work with a palette of complex shades: wine and purple, sapphire and emerald. Gold and silver will be the right accents. For finishing of dark bedroom, you can choose tiles for black brick or stone, textured paint and wenge-colored laminate. Upscale furnishings with rich decor are also suitable for you. A nice addition to a gothic bedroom is a dark four-poster bed.
  • Art Deco. Art Deco loves black and white contrasts – take advantage of this! For example, cover one of the bedroom walls with dark wallpaper with white floral motifs. The palette can be diluted with beautiful shades of blue, red, green or yellow. It is worth considering that Art Deco pays great attention to black bedroom decor. Do not skimp on jewelry and combine original plastic shapes and various textures. Against a black bedroom background, these techniques will look even more expressive.
  • Baroque Art, Baroque bedroom ideas. The baroque bedroom is reminiscent of a boudoir – a ladies’ room with luxurious furnishings. Although in these interiors there is usually no place for black, the main role in them is played by dark tones: burgundy and purple. Shade them with beige, pink, scarlet and gold. Use fabric-like wallpaper and glossy laminate or parquet flooring for finishing. Remember that this style gravitates towards artsy decor and flowing lines. Another distinctive feature is the abundance of textiles: carpets, heavy curtains and light draperies.
  • Eclecticism, black bedroom idea. The main place here is occupied by furniture and decor: most often they belong to different styles and enter into whimsical interactions. But the walls and floor are given a secondary role. Make them a background that will emphasize the originality of the bedroom decor. To do this, paint the walls in an unusual color: indigo, anthracite or even black. Laminate or carpet in neutral colors can be laid on the floor.
  • Minimalism. This style also loves to play in contrasts. Perfectly black surfaces and a few white accents are the secret of a minimalist interior. If the design of a black and white bedroom seems boring to you, take halftones of other shades as a basis: for example, graphite or gray-blue. It is better to paint the walls with matte paint, and cover the floor with cork or laminate without a pronounced texture. Furnishings should be plain and simple in shape.

What colors can I use for decorating dark theme bedroom?

Dark bedroom interior: how to decorate? Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting
Dark bedroom ideas: bedroom with dark furniture, wall colours and lighting
  • The black, dark room aesthetic. The choice of those who are not afraid of radical solutions and want to create a mysterious atmosphere. To keep the design of a black bedroom from looking too gloomy, balance the color scheme with light shades. Light gray laminate flooring, white furniture and linens will look particularly fresh against the backdrop of bluish black walls. You can also compromise by painting only one of the walls black. This will make it an attention-grabbing accent.
  • Blue. Great for small spaces. Cool shades make the space deeper, and also bring calmness and sea freshness with them. Complement the dark blue bedroom decor with white, ocher, pale yellow or orange.
  • Green. Saturated shades of gems – emerald, malachite and chrysolite – emphasize the nobility of the interior. In addition, the dark green bedroom will become a platform for coloristic experiments. See how spectacularly green combines with beige, yellow, pale pink and fuchsia.
  • Red. Burgundy and other shades derived from red will add drama to the bedroom – a little theatrical, but at the same time intriguing flair of luxury. If that’s what you’re after, decorate the room with gold or black accents. If you want to make the space more versatile, take a closer look at blue, green, yellow and white.
  • Brown. Basic color for warm interiors. It is optimal for a room where the atmosphere should be calm and warming. Diversify the color scheme of the dark brown bedroom with white, milky, blue and enjoy the comfort!
  • Grey. The dark gray bedroom is the choice of the minimalists. Monochrome interiors built on gray tones look very stylish: anthracite, graphite, coal, marengo. At the same time, this color combines well with other shades – both pastel (blue, pink, pale yellow) and brighter (scarlet, raspberry, orange, turquoise).

Fashionable shades for dark bedroom designs and decoration

Find out which colors are especially hot right now. Let your dark bedroom be on top of trends!

  • Earthy shades. Olive brown, umber and other warm muted tones are one of the trendy finds this year. Designers are increasingly turning to natural colors, trying to recreate in their projects the peace of harmony with nature. All of these colors can be combined with linen, milky, ocher.
  • Red-brown shades. Dark terracotta, the color of baked clay, has also taken its place in the list of the most fashionable shades. It fills the house with warmth and blends perfectly with other natural tones, as well as wood.
  • Gray-blue shades. If the previous solutions are not to your taste, pay attention to the cold palette. For several years it has not lost its popularity, which is understandable: blue tones bring mystery to the interior and fascinate with depth. Pair them with warm shades to balance and add coziness.

How to dilute dark tones for dark room aesthetic?

  • Light spots. Black bedroom interior looks depressing without light details. Do not forget to complement it with white or beige furniture and textiles. On a dark background, furnishings attract increased attention, and therefore should be in harmony with the environment in form and texture.
  • Bright accents. Pick up a couple of contrasting shades that complement each other and place them against the dark walls. A calm color can be allocated 30% of the space, and an energetic one – 10%. Also consider the subtone of the dominant shade. If it’s warm, use blue or green spots to freshen up the room. If it is cold, “warm” the room with yellow or orange.
  • Complex shades. Dark finishes are often used as a visual technique to deepen the space. In this case, choose complex shades for accents – those that are made up of several open colors. Dusty pink or blue-gray will support the illusion of depth.

Suitable lighting for dark bedrooms aesthetic?

In order for a bedroom, designed in dark colors, not to drown in darkness, there should be many lamps in it. It is advisable to think over a full-fledged lighting scenario, which includes three levels:

  • basic lighting ( chandelier or lamp located in the center of the ceiling);
  • second-level lamps (floor lamps, spots, sconces designed to illuminate functional areas);
  • luminaires of the third level (table lamps, LED strips and other optional, but pleasant elements of the light scenario).

Lamps can also play a decorative role. To do this, select models with light shades that are suitable in style. Devices with a metallized or golden case also look good: the reflective surface gives additional light.

Texture and fixture of materials for dark style bedroom?

The fewer colors you use in the decoration of dark bedroom, the more attention needs to be paid to texture and fixtures. However, colorful interiors also need thoughtful work with surfaces.

  • Dark rooms often lack comfort. This problem is solved by the correct selection of textures. The nature of the surface, which we read by touch, can visually “soften” the interior. To do this, you should give preference to a matte finish and do not forget about textiles – for example, wool and velvet. Wood will bring even more comfort to the decoration of dark bedroom.
  • Do not combine two different materials with the same texture in one interior. It should change from subject to subject. Otherwise, the room will look boring.
  • If you have a limited budget, you can use an imitation of natural materials: laminate or marbled tiles. Such a finish conveys texture well, that is, the visual character of the surface. However, she is not always able to reproduce her tactile features.

curtains and accessories to decorate dark room

  • Do you want to completely isolate yourself from the outside world? Then choose dark blackout curtains in the bedroom that block the sunlight. In this case, it is especially important to think over artificial lighting based on your ideas about comfort.
  • If you cannot wake up without the sun, hang light curtains on the windows that let the rays through. Curtains can be light – then they dilute the dark color scheme.
  • The number of decorative elements depends on the style of the bedroom. In any case, the choice of accessories must be approached with special attention: in such an environment, they immediately catch the eye. The best option is several large and laconic decor items that are in harmony with each other. A large number of small decorations are more suitable for light interiors: a white background adds the necessary “air” to the space.

What kind of furniture will fit for dark bedroom design?

  • Wooden Furniture for dark bedroom. Light wood will add comfort to the room. In contrast, a bedroom design with dark wood furniture will look more brutal.
  • Metallic Furniture for dark bedroom. Forged elements – chairs or a headboard – will make the interior more elegant, but at the same time they will practically dissolve in it. Metallic furniture will effectively complement the bedroom in the spirit of minimalism or hi-tech. With her, the room will become colder.
  • Soft Furniture for dark bedroom. Upholstered furniture with light upholstery looks good in such an interior. It instantly creates a feeling of lightness. Another option is velvet or corduroy in deep shades. The rich texture of these materials emphasizes the nobility of the interior.

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