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how to beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

how to beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

Date: 02.23.2024

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beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

A garland is not only an attribute of New Year’s decor, but a year-round source of comfort. Read the article and find out how to beautifully hang a garland on a wall, window, ceiling, furniture and other interior items. Unusual design ideas are already waiting for you!

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How to fix the garland?

  1. Self-adhesive clips for garland. Not sure how to attach a garland to a wall or any other surface? Special clips will help you out. This is the easiest and most reliable way to fix the illumination even on embossed wallpaper. The clips are made of transparent plastic, so that the fasteners are not striking. The adhesive layer, unlike scotch tape, does not leave marks. To attach the clip, DE-grease the surface with an alcohol-based solution, press the product against it and leave it for 1 hour. After that, proceed with the decoration.
  2. Hooks with vacuum suction cups. Such hooks will definitely not leave traces of glue, but they can only be installed on perfectly smooth surfaces – tiles or glass. Vacuum holders cannot be used on wallpaper or painted walls. To get a good grip, degrease the place of fixation and lubricate the suction cup with a thin layer of Vaseline.
  3. Hot melt glue. This method is suitable only if you decide to permanently “settle” garlands in the interior. Hot melt glue provides strong and invisible attachment to any materials, but is difficult to remove from the surface. In addition, the composition will partially remain on the garland itself. As in previous cases, before you hang the garland at home with hot glue, the surface must be cleaned and degreased.

Note! Do not use scotch tape for fixing. It does not fit well on embossed and painted surfaces and leaves traces. This makes it unsuitable for wall and ceiling mounting. Also, adhesive tape quickly peels off at cold temperatures, so it makes no sense to use it on a window. In addition, the pieces of adhesive tape look unaesthetic and can spoil the impression of the decor.

Where and How to Use Make Garland Decoration?

Making a light curtain from a garland

Windows and walls are decorated with a curtain made of garlands, but such decor in the doorway is especially beautiful. You will need a special garland for the curtain. It consists of LED strands that are attached to the main wire with plastic clamps.

You can do differently: take a few ordinary garlands 2.5–4 m long and hang each of them in the form of the letter “P”. Fasten the threads at the top – and the portal to the magical land is ready!

beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

Try adding tulle to the curtain. The flickering of the LEDs will be muted by a translucent fabric, which will add mystery to the environment.

Window decor in the room

The simplest, but at the same time, effective way to decorate a window is to illuminate the perimeter. A piece 2.5–5 m long is suitable for this. A soft glow along the contour will give a festive mood not only to the room, but also to the view from the window.

Other options for placing a garland in a window opening are curtains, glowing figures or inscriptions.

Ceiling illumination

Transform the ceiling into a starry sky! The most convenient way to do this is with a garland-net. It is a honeycomb-like network of wires that can be attached to the ceiling from four sides. Another option is a curtain garland. In this case, you will need to fix each thread separately.

If the ceiling in the house is uneven or whitewashed, the connection will be unreliable. In this case, an LED canopy can be arranged. It attaches to ceiling beams or hooks along the top edge of opposing walls.

Decorate furniture with a garland

Garland ideas are not limited to wall, window and ceiling decoration. Similarly, you can outline the silhouettes of furniture.

Place the garland on a dresser or wardrobe so that it hangs loosely around the edges. Other furnishings – mirrors, shelves, headboard – will also look beautiful in the light of the garland. To decorate objects with complex shapes, the product should be secured with clips.

beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

Photo zone with garland

Delight your family and guests – make a mobile photo zone with garlands. This requires a frame and the illumination itself.

The frame will be a frame that can be made from wooden beams, metal profiles or PVC pipes. Assemble and fix with self-tapping screws a structure with approximate parameters of 200 × 200 cm. The exact width of the photo zone depends on the width of the LED curtain.

Attach the horizontal legs to the lower corners of the frame perpendicular to the vertical axes. For the structure to be stable, the size of the legs should be about 80 cm.

beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

When the frame is assembled, hang the garland curtain on the top bar. Done – the marathon of New Year’s shots is announced open!

Christmas tree made of garland

Not enough space for a New Year tree, or is one holiday tree not enough? Lay out the garland tree on the wall or window.

Position the fasteners so that they form an isosceles triangle. Stretch the garland in a zigzag pattern from one element to the next. To make the impression complete, complement the illumination with plastic balls, and the top of the improvised Christmas tree with a pendant in the form of a star.

Glowing lettering

In the same way, you can decorate the interior with glowing inscriptions. For these purposes, the duralight garland is optimal. In this model, the LEDs are located inside a transparent plastic tube. It is very flexible and allows you to form smooth transitions. Even the most complex “handwriting” can be repeated with this product.

beautifully hang a garland on a wall?

Choose a suitable lettering and font. If you wish, draw the outline of the message on the wall with a pencil. Use clips for fastening, placing them at the points of inflection of the garland.  

Garland in the bank

A garland in a jar or any other glass container looks unusual and stylish. This decorative element not only decorates the space, but also plays the role of a table lamp.

For a lamp from a can and a garland, it is best to take a small (up to 2 m) autonomous thread with a compact battery pack or a solar-powered model. Place it carefully in a jar, bottle or vase and, if the volume of the container allows, add a few decorative details: for example, the tops of spruce branches and cones.

Photo gallery of garlands

The garland on the wall is beautiful under any circumstance. But it looks even more interesting in an ensemble with other decorative elements. Organise a real photo exhibition and light up the exhibition with a garland – this way it will definitely attract the attention of guests.

The garland with photographs on the wall must be of sufficient length – from 2 m. Otherwise, use / connect 2-3 LED filaments. Hang the illumination in several horizontal rows. Use small wooden clothespins to secure the photos to the wires, evenly spaced them. To create a festive atmosphere, you can complement the composition with light Christmas balls.

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