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How To Choose Carpet for an apartment

Tips for Choosing Carpet

Date: 09.29.2023

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Carpet is a soft floor covering that is designed to be installed throughout the entire room. Such a floor is distinguished by its tactilely pleasant surface and excellent appearance. These and some other advantages of carpet make it necessary to analyze the issues of selection, installation and maintenance of the coating, which I would like to do in this article.

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Types of carpet

Carpets are divided into several main types, which differ in materials, production technologies, as well as the length and structure of the pile.

Types of carpet

The primary classification consists in various technologies for the production of carpet, they distinguish:

  • Woven carpet. The coating is distinguished by its high strength and wear resistance, but the price of the product is also appropriate. This material, like the following, is most often purchased for home use;
  • Tufted carpet. During manufacture, the base is stitched with pile threads, and then fastened with glue. The quality of such material is quite high, and the price cannot be called overpriced;
  • Needle-punched carpet. This coating has a fairly short nap. Reasonable price and good wear resistance make the material optimal for use in commercial and public spaces;
  • Flocked carpet. One of the most practical options on the market, highly resistant to moisture and aggressive environments. The product is easy to clean from all kinds of dirt.
How To Choose Carpet for an apartment
Needle-punched carpet

By the length of the pile, carpets are divided into the following types:

  • Short-pile carpet (2-3mm). Used in rooms with high traffic. Such carpet is usually the easiest to clean;
  • Medium pile carpet (5-10 mm). Suitable for rooms with medium traffic, which include, for example, a living room and a study;
  • Long pile carpet (10-40 mm). It is laid in living quarters with low traffic (bedrooms, nurseries and other rooms). Such a carpet will be more difficult to clean, but it will also be much more pleasant to walk on such a surface.
How To Choose Carpet for an apartment

By the structure of the base, one can distinguish:

  • Baseless coatings. Often, this type of carpet still has a very thin base. This material has a short service life. In most cases, it is purchased for various one-time events;
  • Primary basis. Used in tufted carpets. The base itself is created from polypropylene. Has a longer service life than the previous version;
  • Secondary base. Due to its reinforced structure, it has the most remarkable durability. Most of this base consists of synthetic materials.

Installation of carpet

How To Choose Carpet for an apartment

The first step is to take care of preparing your floor. In the concrete floor, it will be necessary to remove various irregularities with a putty, and then remove the remnants of the old coating. After that, a primer should be applied. In the case of a wooden floor, I recommend laying chipboard or plywood on top of it first. After that, the surface must be cycled and primed. You can resort to using a carpet underlay to improve heat and sound insulation.

After finishing the preparatory work, you can safely proceed to the installation of the carpet itself. There are the following basic carpet laying methods:

  • Free laying of carpet. The simplest method in its essence, which consists in unfolding the carpet on the floor, followed by pressure on it with a roller (to remove undulating irregularities). After completing these manipulations, it remains only to cut the corners along the walls and press the carpet with the baseboards. But keep in mind that you do not need to immediately drive the coating under the skirting boards – at first it is better to just lay them on the walls. In addition, you can not dismantle the skirting boards at all, simply gluing double-sided tape on the floor (along the perimeter of the room or in the form of large squares);
How To Choose Carpet for an apartment
  • Glue installation of carpet. This method is optimal in the case of a large traffic space, warm floors and stairs. After cleaning the floor surface, glue must be applied to it. After some (but, of course, not complete) drying of the glue, you can start laying the carpet. It is necessary to press on the cover with sufficient force and at the same time slightly stretch it;
  • Carpet stretching. This method will require you to purchase a stretcher – a tool for laying carpet. Along the perimeter of the room, special slats (hippers) made of wood are fixed, onto which the carpet is actually stretched. The stretcher, in turn, is necessary just for sufficient coating tension. At the same time, I note that it is not easy to handle such a device, therefore, it is mainly used by professionals. 

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In addition to all of the above, you should remember a few basic rules for laying carpet:

  • It is better to start laying from the corner and move along the walls to other corners;
  • Wavy irregularities roll out from the center to the edges;
  • If you need to create holes in the carpet, then in order to avoid delamination, its edges are wrapped with colorless tape;
  • When laying, remember to leave a margin of 15-20 cm;
  • You should start trimming off the excess coating from the corners.

Carpet care: How To Clean Carpet

Of course, you will need to regularly take care of the carpet, otherwise it may become unusable.

How To Choose Carpet for an apartment
  • It is necessary to vacuum such a floor at least once a week, but preferably 2-3, but frequent wet cleaning can negatively affect the condition of the coating. And it is advisable not to delay the removal of the resulting stains, otherwise they may become ingrained.
  • Carpet deep cleaning should be done at least twice a month. To do this, you need a special dry powder that is distributed over the entire surface of the coating. After darkening and discoloration of the powder, it must be removed using a vacuum cleaner.
How To Choose Carpet for an apartment
  • Stains that appear can be removed with a carpet stain remover. But keep in mind that excessive wetting can negatively affect the carpet with an adhesive base. Foam cleaning, in my opinion, is one of the most convenient ways to care for carpet. Spread the foam over the surface of the coating, then rub it with a brush and wait until it dries completely. Next, a vacuum cleaner is connected to work.
  • If it is necessary to remove the coating, it will be necessary to remove the baseboards and fasteners. It is recommended to remove all furniture from the room. I advise you to clean the carpet in order to avoid a lot of dust when dismantling. It is not difficult to remove the glued coating, if installed correctly. But sometimes special mixtures may still be needed to dissolve the glue.

Ultimately, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that laying any floor covering requires a responsible approach. Be sure to prepare a theoretical basis for further installation. Stock up on the necessary tools, materials and, if necessary, special tools. After successful carpet laying, do not forget about regular maintenance and then your floor will delight you and your guests for a very long time.

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