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how to choose your bra?

choose your bra

Date: 09.29.2023

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When it comes to lingerie, our time gives us a choice. A short, non-exhaustive guide to know how to choose your bra so that it is, as best as possible, adapted to our morphology.

Depending on the size of her chest, we do not seek the same effects. While small breasts generally focus on aesthetics, large breasts also need good support. This is why we have included some tips below to, take into account before buying your new lingerie, choose your bra.

Small breasts (Cup A)

A cup bra morphology - how to choose your bra?

If women with small breasts are often complexed, they still have a great advantage over others: that of having the choice. They can wear almost anything, but the most flattering styles are push-up bras, which sometimes work wonders. By bringing up the breasts and tightening them, they give birth to a nice neckline.

For those who do not necessarily want to amplify the volume of their breasts, the comfort option remains to wear models without underwire, in the shape of a triangle for a more natural effect. The small breasts can afford to wear headbands strapless, which is preferable when one wants to wear a pretty strapless dress.

Medium breasts (B and C cups)

B cup bra morphology - how to choose your bra?

Neither too small nor too big: medium-sized breasts are also the easiest to enhance. Here again, we’re in luck because we can afford to wear just about anything, although it would be better to avoid padded models that would spoil your natural figure. 

choose your bra for Generous breasts (Cup D and E)

D cup bra morphology - how to choose your bra?

Dressing up a generous bust is not always an easy task. Needless to say, optimal support is absolutely essential in this case. Suddenly, we put on a more resistant chest contour even if today we no longer need to forget about aesthetics. Thick and semi-rigid materials are also preferred. Effective, the full cup bra covers the upper part of the breasts while sculpting them in order to offer them a graceful profile.

Warning: You can forget about the padding: with such a volume, you can do without it. No need to ask questions to have a nice cleavage, since it is already (always) there.

Very strong breasts (from cup F)

how to choose your bra?

Give up sophisticated and glamorous lingerie simply because you have too large a breast? Out of the question. Grandma’s bras are far from the only ones that suit us! Today, many brands like Savage x Fenty pr Rihanna, Freya and PrimaDonna have thought of women who make an F or G cup.

We make sure to choose a deep cup bra that follows the shape of the breasts, which will maximize comfort at the same time. In order to conceal them a little without suffocating them, you can opt for a bra that minimizes its strengths a little. The straps should be thick, as should the staples in the back and the separator, which should be pressed against the skin. To play sports, it is better to opt for a solid bra that keeps them in place.  

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