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How to connect an instantaneous water heater?

How to connect an instantaneous water heater

Date: 02.23.2024

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Turning off hot water in summer is an unpleasant stage for many. Some people easily endure a cool shower. But most are used to warm water and, for lack of a water heater, they have to adapt. Today there are many life hacks on how to wash in warm water when it was turned off: you can go to relatives, to the pool and fitness centre. But the most prudent install water heaters at home. In this article, we will consider instantaneous water heaters .

This device will help out not only during the preventive maintenance of the heating system, but also at the summer cottage, if the hot water supply system is not arranged. Below we will discuss the criteria for choosing an instantaneous water heater. I will tell you in detail how to connect and what maintenance is required.

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How to choose an instantaneous water heater?

An instantaneous water heater is a device that instantly heats up water while driving. In houses where there is no hot water supply, electric water heaters with tanks are installed. This is certainly more convenient for constant daily use. But for irregular, seasonal use, compact devices are quite suitable.

An instantaneous water heater consists of a body with a small water tank and a heater inside. Passing through this reservoir, the water is heated to the desired outlet temperature. In order for an instantaneous water heater to heat water well and serve for many years, consider the following technical characteristics when choosing:

  • The size of the instantaneous water heater. Almost all models are compact and do not take up much space on the wall. They can be installed under the sink, above the bathroom, or between them, as well as instead of the usual mixer.
  • Instantaneous water heater body. Pay attention to what material it is made of. Remember that from the inside it is exposed to high temperatures. The enamelled case will last the longest. Copper also withstands sudden changes in temperature and exposure to aggressive substances. The plastic case is the cheapest, but not reliable and breaks down quickly.
connect an instantaneous water heater
  • Instantaneous water heater power. Appliances ranging from 3.3 kW to 27 kW quickly heat large quantities of water. To calculate the required indicator, determine the required water consumption and multiply it by 2. On average, a 20 kW water heater is suitable for a bathroom, and 10 kW is enough for a kitchen.
  • Instantaneous water heater performance. This indicator determines how much and for what time the water will be heated. The smallest appliances heat up to 5 litres of water in 30 seconds. When choosing, keep in mind that, on average, it takes 2-4 l / min to wash your hands, and 8-10 l / min of water to take a bath. If the family is large, then a powerful heater should be chosen.
  • Instantaneous water heater control. The most modern water heaters are equipped with an electronic control panel, on which the required water pressure and temperature are set. Manufacturers provide three modes: economical, minimum and maximum. Budget water heaters are equipped with a conventional switch, and in some models it is not at all. The disadvantage of such devices is that they do not turn on with a small water pressure.
  • Type of instantaneous water heater. Pressure water heaters work under pressure. They maintain the desired temperature and can serve several drainage points at once. Non-pressure devices of low power from 2 to 6 kW operate at atmospheric pressure in the system. They are installed at one point, they are easy to operate, and can operate even at low water pressure. But above 30 degrees, they will not heat the water.

Please answer a few questions before purchasing. How many people will use it regularly and how? How spacious is the room? Is the wiring reliable? Only then choose the right equipment.

Rules for connecting an instantaneous water heater

To connect the flow heater, use the following tools: drill , building level , dowels with self-tapping screws, screwdrivers , hammer , pliers , sealant . The whole process is carried out in three main stages.

connect an instantaneous water heater
  • Mount the water heater on the wall. Decide where to install the device. Do not let water get on it, it will cause breakage. But in order to use it, it must be placed conveniently. Consider the possibilities of wiring and heat loss. The closer the device is to the tap, the longer the water cools. Check with a level if the wall is even. Use a pencil to mark the contour of the device and the attachment points. Drill holes in the wall and fix the water heater.
  • Connecting the water heater to the water supply. There are two ways: easy and hard. The first is used by beginners who use the device only for the time the hot water is turned off. The shower head is unscrewed on the shower hose and connected to the water inlet to the heater. In normal operation, cold water flows from the tap. In shower mode, hot water comes out through the water heater. The second method is more complicated, but I recommend it as a more convenient and professional option. A tee and a tap are installed in the water supply system, which regulates the flow of cold water to the water heater. A pipeline is laid from metal-plastic pipes from the device to the tap. A mixer or shower is connected to the outlet of the device.
connect an instantaneous water heater
  • Network connection. For a powerful water heater, it is not allowed to use ordinary sockets. Therefore, during installation, a separate electrical line with fuses is allocated for them, to protect against short circuits and problems with wiring throughout the house. Do not plug the flow meter directly into this outlet. Do not forget to DE-energise the room and ground the device during operation.

The most important thing in connecting a water heater, if you have no experience or do not know how to install equipment, is the ability to invite a master. And to connect the device to the mains, call an electrician.

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Care and maintenance of instantaneous water heater

Maintenance and preventive maintenance is required to keep any equipment working well for a long time. Therefore, observe the following rules for the maintenance and operation of the instantaneous water heater.

connect an instantaneous water heater
  • Do not use a low-power water heater instead of a mixer. It is not designed for such pressure and quickly fails. The water outlet must go through the supplied shower head. Before turning on the appliance, open the cold water tap.
  • It is forbidden to turn on the water heater dry. Only after opening cold water, and making sure that it has entered the tank, turn on the device. Otherwise, the heating elements will fail.
  • Disconnect in the reverse order: first the water heater, then turn on the tap.
  • Clean your shower head regularly. Over time, pieces of dirt and scale collect in it. Because of this, water flows in a weak stream, and the device, due to over voltage, overheats and may melt.
  • Monitor the condition of the heating element and change it in time. Otherwise, the water will stop heating to the desired temperature.
  • In the event of a breakdown or technical malfunction of the water heater, call a specialist. Keep track of the service warranty periods.

Fulfillment of these simple requirements allows the water heater to operate without interruptions and breakdowns.

Flow-through water heaters are in demand and receive good reviews for their work. The compact device has many advantages. This is the production of an unlimited amount of hot water, not complicated installation and operation, water does not stagnate in tanks, and the cost remains affordable for many

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