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How to connect LED lights, block or Strip?

Date: 02.23.2024

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High-quality lighting plays an important role in human life: it regulates not only the ability to work, but also affects the mood. Especially with the onset of winter, when daylight hours become short, it is so important for your well-being to equip your home with bright and practical LED Lights. In this article, I would like to discuss LED Lights , reveal;

  • Benefits of LED lighting;
  • How to choose an LED lights?
  • how to connect led lights together? how to connect led strip lights? etc

Table of Contents

Benefits of LED lighting

How to connect LED lights, how to connect led strips, how to connect led lights together, how to connect multiple led strip lights, led strip lights how to connect.
how to connect led lights

Before I touch on the topic of choosing and connecting LED lights, we will discuss the main advantages of using these devices:

  • Durability. With 6 working hours per day, such led strip lights can work for about 20 years, with 10 hours – 10 years, but if the led strip lights are used without stopping, then they will last about 5 years.
  • Profitability. At the moment, such devices are the most economical lighting devices. The indicators speak for themselves – 70% of the energy saved. In particular, LEDs, led strip lights will be relevant for large enterprises.
  • Environmentally friendly. LED devices do not contain substances harmful to health, unlike, for example, mercury analogues. For this reason, they do not need constant replacement or special disposal costs.
  • Resistance to temperature or other extremes. The design of the LED devices allows them, for the most part, not to feel voltage drops and temperature fluctuations. In addition, by choosing these devices, you eliminate the risk of overloading the power grids, because LEDs need about 0.5 – 1.0 A. Temperature resistance is also high, since the lamps can be used at temperatures from minus 70 to plus 40 ° С.
How to connect LED lights, how to connect led strips, how to connect led lights together, how to connect multiple led strip lights, led strip lights how to connect.
how to connect led lights
  • Contrast and color rendering. These criteria allow you to ensure the desired health safety when using the device.
  • Good light quality. The luminous flux of LED lamps, Lights, led strip lights, etc. is most similar to natural light, which, in turn, is most optimal for work and study.
  • Strength. The design of LED lamps, Lights, led strip lights, gives them a high resistance to wear and tear, as well as a good level of protection against various external negative processes. This quality allows the use of LEDs in extreme zones and in areas with increased fire hazard.
  • Warranty. Since LED devices have a fairly long lifespan, many manufacturers provide guarantees for 6-12 years. This adds even more peace of mind when choosing LEDs.

How to choose LED lights?

Now let’s consider the main criteria for choosing LED lighting fixtures:

How to connect LED lights, how to connect led strips, how to connect led lights together, how to connect multiple led strip lights, led strip lights how to connect.
how to connect led lights
  • LED Light Power Consumption. The more power consumption indicators, the more the LED Light will spend electricity. It should be understood that high power does not always mean high brightness. If you want to change your incandescent bulb, you will need to divide its wattage by 8.
  • The brightness of the LED light. This indicator, measured in lumen, should be in the region of 90-130 lm / W. Please note that the indication of the range in this case is conditional; this is unacceptable on the luminaries themselves. The manufacturer must indicate the specific number of lumens.
  • Flickering LED light. The numerical display of this characteristic should not exceed 1%, and it is better that it does not exist at all. Flickering LED light can damage your eyesight. Therefore, pay attention to this parameter when choosing LED lights for your home or office.
  • To reduce the likelihood of buying a defective product, check with the seller for product quality certificates. The manufacturer must ensure that every luminary produced is tested prior to dispatch.

How to connect LED Lights Together?

Let’s conditionally divide the installation methods, of how to connect led lights Together, into three types. Each of them has its own pros and cons.

Series LED Lights connection Method

It is used to save cable length in rooms with low lighting requirements. During installation, you will need several double or triple wires. Remember, it’s best not to chain more than six bulbs together as this can lead to dimness in the final lighting. The disadvantage of choosing series chain LED Lights connection Method is that in the event of a malfunction, you will need to check each bulb.

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This method of connecting LED lights Together should not cause any special problems. It is necessary to conduct a phase from the switch to the first luminaire, after which the cable from the first switch is routed to the next luminaire. To the extreme luminaire, zero should be brought down from the distribution box.

Parallel connection Method of connecting LED Lights

How to connect LED lights, how to connect led strips, how to connect led lights together, how to connect multiple led strip lights, led strip lights how to connect.
how to connect led lights

This method is used a little more often due to its practicality. In this case, each of the lamps will be as bright as its manufacturer claims. The disadvantage is that it will take much more time and guidance.

To perform Parallel connection Method of connecting LED Lights Together, you must run the cable from the junction box through the switch, while connecting it in turn to each lighting device. Cut the cable after the first fixture and route it to the next one until you are sure that all fixtures are connected to the network. The advantage of this method is obvious – if one LED light fails, the network continues to work properly.

Beam connection of the LED Lights

Perhaps the most difficult and costly method. The cable must be connected separately with each device. However, this is the safest and most correct way from the point of view of electrical installation.

From the distribution panel, you should lead a conductor to the center of the room, and from there to each of your lamps. After that, you need to conduct single-core wires to zero and phase. Remember to route these wires to each fixture as well.

So, from all that has been said, you can draw several important conclusions. Firstly, LED lights have a number of very significant advantages that distinguish these devices from the rest. Secondly, the choice of LED lights is not difficult if you know some of the nuances. Pay attention not to packaging design, but to specific data and characteristics. And finally, thirdly, before you start connecting LED fixtures, think over all the steps, as we discussed above on How to connect LED Lights? so, as not to be mistaken. Knowing the above information, you can select and connect the most optimal LED lighting device for you, which will help you in any endeavour.

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