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How to hang a bathroom shelf in 2020?

bathroom shelf

Date: 09.29.2023

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Bathroom space is often small, and therefore the issue of ergonomics is especially acute. Agree, the location of all kinds of tubes with cosmetics for the shower “at hand” is a convenient solution! The shelf for the bathroom is a new solution in the interior, but it has already won the love of people. It is much more convenient and ergonomic to place cosmetics on it than on the sides of a bathtub or sink. At the same time, the bathroom shelf can complement the stylistic solution of the bathroom and make the overall interior of the room attractive. You can buy such an accessory at any specialty store, and Today on Quality Content Network I will tell you how to choose a bath shelf to meet your needs.

Bathroom Shelf Materials

bathroom shelf

Bathroom accessories are popular among buyers, manufacturers are trying to expand the offered range, using a variety of materials for the manufacture of bathroom shelves. Let’s consider the main pros and cons of these materials:

  • Wood. Wooden bathroom shelves have a rather attractive appearance. Like many wooden accessories, these shelves look great in an interior that resembles a bathhouse or sauna. The products have a low price, which is their advantage. The disadvantages of this design include the hydrophobicity of wood. To preserve the attractive appearance of the bathroom shelf, it is important to regularly and timely treat the wooden surface with special protective compounds that will extend the life of the accessory, protecting the material from decay.
  • Metal. The most common and demanded are metal bathroom shelves. They are durable in operation and durable in use. If the design is made taking into account all quality requirements, then the coating of such a shelf will retain its original appearance for a long time. The disadvantages of metal structures include the occurrence of rust on some elements. Purchase shelves designed for use in a wet room, then they will not be afraid of such a drawback.
bathroom shelf
  • Plastic. Plastic bathtub shelves are the most common option. The popularity is due to the low cost of the product, its durable operation. Plastic is not susceptible to rust or decay. The price for such shelves is affordable for many buyers. The only drawback of this design can be a rather simple appearance without additional glossy shine.
  • Glass. The glass bathroom shelf is a stylish and convenient accessory that meets safety and hygiene standards. Glass is not afraid of water and temperature changes, it is not subject to deterioration. A glass shelf needs more care as water leaves visible marks on it. The disadvantages of the material may be cost, such an accessory will cost the buyer more than a plastic and metal counterpart.

How to choose a bathroom shelf?

The key criterion for choosing a bathroom shelf is the material from which it is made. You should not be based only on a personal attitude to this or that material, approach the choice in a complex way: imagine a shelf in the interior, it should be combined not only with the decoration of the bathroom, but also with other pieces of furniture and accessories. Before you go shopping, pay attention to other criteria and characteristics:

  • Ergonomic bathroom shelf. It is convenient when the shelf combines a variety of functionality, it can be part of a whole bathroom cabinet, or include a mirror or towel hooks in the design.
  • A way to fix the bathroom shelf. Light shelves can be attached with special Velcro, however, it is important to understand that such a shelf cannot be loaded, otherwise it will fall under the weight of the tubes. The optimal fastening will be a special fastener, decorated with plugs.
  • Where to install the bathroom shelf. The shelves are straight and angular. The corner bath shelf saves space, it is suitable for a small bathroom.
  • Bathroom shelf dimensions. In addition to the size of the bathroom shelf and the need to fit all important tubes on it, do not forget about the dimensions and correct location of the shelf. Do not place a shelf in the aisle. Pay attention to compact models if the bathroom is small. With free placement, you can use a floor shelf in which everything you need can fit.

How to hang a bathroom shelf?

bathroom shelf

After the choice of the shelf for the bathroom is made, the accessory is purchased, the installation remains, which, first of all, depends on the manufacturer. In other words, the installation of a bathroom shelf depends on what kind of fastening was provided for the product during its manufacture. Therefore, it is so important to choose the method of fixing the shelf before purchasing the product.

  • Fixing the shelf with glue. The simplest and most common option. In order to hang the structure on glue, it is necessary to prepare the surface, namely to dry and wipe it from dust and moisture. For such an installation, it is necessary to choose the highest quality and most reliable moisture-resistant glue so that the shelf structure lasts longer.
  • Fixing the shelf to the suction cups. One of the easiest ways to install a bath shelf is to use the suction cups. When purchasing a product, check the presence of suction cups in the kit. However, remember that it is dangerous to load such a shelf with heavy tubes, calculate the load correctly.
  • Fixing the shelf with screws. For this method, prepare an additional tool, you will need screws, dowels and a screwdriver. First of all, attach the assembled structure to the wall, mark the marks for drilling with a simple pencil. Drill the holes carefully using a ceramic tile drill and install the dowels. Screw in self-tapping screws and hang the shelf on them, or fix the shelf with self-tapping screws on the wall (the choice of option depends on the design of the bathroom shelf).
  • Fixing the shelf to pipes and other elements in the bathroom. Brackets for such a modern installation method can also be supplied with a shelf or purchased separately.

To sum up the above, the bathroom shelf is not only a stylish but also an irreplaceable bathroom accessory and modern technology. It will help organize the space and complement the interior. Remember that the reliability of the shelf depends not only on the material chosen, but also on the quality of the fasteners and the installation performed. Take your time when choosing and working, and then the finished accessory will serve you for more than one year.

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