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How to keep birds out of garden easily?

protect crops from birds

Date: 11.28.2023

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Summer is harvest time. Beetles and caterpillars crawl into your garden in droves, destroying everything in their path. People are constantly fighting insects in order to save their site. Here a bird comes to the aid of a person (or rather, flies). Birds eat insects, this is undoubtedly a plus, and a huge help to those who run a dacha economy. But birds often act not only as helpers, but also as pests. How do birds harm your garden? how to protect crops from birds? how to keep birds out of garden? Those who also love the harvest. The bird will never refuse bright berries or appetising seeds found in the garden.

In order for the garden to remain safe and sound, you have to defend your territory from the winged beauties and keep birds away from garden. This article I would like to devote directly to the methods of how to keep birds out of garden?

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What attracts birds toward your garden?

keep birds out of garden
bird eating garden fruit: keep birds out of garden

The main love of birds is, of course, berries. They are, firstly, bright, and, secondly, it is very convenient for the birds to eat them. It is enough to sit on a branch of a cherry tree, fly up to a gooseberry bush or notice a bright strawberry in the garden – and the bird is fed. The birds are not averse to “robbing” all your berry bushes, leaving you only greens in stock. so you need to stop birds eating plants.

In addition to shrubs, birds can destroy your vegetable garden. And not only because of the strawberries. In the beds – a bird’s paradise. Or rather, an inexhaustible supply of seeds. And even in an attempt to feast on the next bug, the bird can damage the garden to an unrecoverable state. so, how to scare birds away from garden?

These reasons become the basis for the fact that every year people come up with more and more effective means of keep birds out of garden.

How to keep birds out of garden?

The main difference between birds and insects is that they are intelligent creatures. And they can quickly and easily adapt to the Garden protection means used by the owners of the garden to protect garden from birds. In such cases, people have to use the most effective methods to keep birds out of garden, of saving their beds and shrubs.

  • Garden Netting: One such method is to pull the bird garden net, directly to the garden plants. It will be better if the garden net is built with large enough cells. It is difficult for birds to land on such a surface. Thanks to the garden net, this method works very well and stop birds eating plants. But some points should be taken into account for Garden Netting. For example,
    • The one that the garden net needs to be pulled on small posts located along the beds. Accordingly, birds can understand that they can defeat the net if they crawl under it.
    • Small fences should be placed on the sides of the beds. The net is not only good protection for land crops. it is still good at covering greenhouses and garden houses. Birds, sitting on the film that covers the greenhouse, often scratch it with their claws. Due to the fact that it is quite difficult for them to sit on the garden net (as described above), greenhouses and garden houses will remain suitable longer.
protect crops from birds, keep birds out of garden
Garden netting: ideas to keep birds out of garden
  • Also, more advanced equipment – ultrasonic devices to keep birds away from garden– would be an excellent alternative to garden netting. With the low cost of devices, their action is quite justified. The equipment should be hung up in open areas of your garden, use it according to the instructions and watch how your territory is empty from flying comrades and scare birds from garden away. The basic principle of operation of ultrasonic devices to protect garden is that they emit sound that a person or other animals cannot hear, but birds can hear perfectly. At the moment this sound is played, it is hard for the birds to be near, which forces them to fly away from the site as soon as possible and helps in keeping birds out of my garden.
protect crops from birds, keep birds out of garden devices
ultrasonic devices to keep birds away from garden

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DIY garden protection from birds

In addition to things that you can buy at a hardware store and thereby protect your plot from guests in the form of birds, gardeners know many interesting DIY crafts to scare birds away from garden.

Build a Scarecrow to keep birds away from garden

keep birds out of garden
snake like Scarecrow keep birds out of garden

Scarecrows do work if they’re moved around regularly. Keep that in mind whether you’re buying one or making your own. Opt for one built on a stake that can be pulled up and pushed into the ground in another part of the garden.

It also helps to clothe or decorate them with the colors red and yellow. Some say that birds use these colors as flight triggers. Whether or not it’s scientifically proven, it wouldn’t hurt to have a Ronald McDonald in the garden. Unless you personally have a problem with clowns or garish garden decorations.

  • The most famous, popular and undying way of protecting a vegetable garden is, of course, a scarecrow. And the most effective scarecrow is one that is made “for a man”: arms, legs, head, human clothing and the impressive height of a tall man.
  • But, in addition to the human appearance, the scarecrow can be depicted in the form of animals (cats, dogs, foxes) or wild birds. Oddly enough, according to the observations of summer residents, it is the “bird” scarecrows that drive away their “relatives” best of all.
protect crops from birds
Scarecrow keep birds out of garden
  • Another well-known fact: birds are intimidated by shiny, reflective objects. This method of bird protection is better suited for saving shrubs, trees, vineyards. In household use for these purposes you can find old CDs, foil, tinsel, Christmas tree decorations, pieces of polished metal. It is enough to hang all this “wealth” on ropes, tie it to branches and wait for the bright sun to come out to the summer cottage. The sun will reflect in each of the above items, thereby driving birds away from shrubs and fruit trees in your area.
  • Besides light, birds don’t like noise. It is worth hanging thundering (wooden) or rustling crafts on the site, and the flow of birds to the site will significantly decrease. Anything that comes to hand can serve as these crafts.

Other DIY methods to Keep Birds away from garden

  1. CDs & mirrors: I once saw a DIY birdbath decorated in a broken mirror mosaic. It certainly looked flashy but there certainly wouldn’t be any birds visiting. Aside from not being fans of sudden movement, they’re not fond of flashing light either. I think that lady accidentally found a way to keep birds out of the garden. Keeping that in mind, tie old CDs by a string in your fruit trees, bushes, or elsewhere in your garden. Their reflective surfaces will flash as they move in the breeze, scaring birds away. It’s more difficult to move these about once tied in, but some people say that leaving them in one place works just fine.
  2. Windchimes: The sudden sound and movement of windchimes can scare birds too. If you’re going to use them, make sure to put them out in the garden rather than just on the porch. If you can find some made out of shiny metal, even better.
  3. Create a Stick Jungle: Push twigs and sticks all around your plants and they work in two ways to keep birds off. First of all, they’ll disguise the plants from above. A flying bird will look down and see a mess of sticks with some green underneath, rather than tasty broccoli seedlings. On the ground, a barricade of sticks can make it difficult for birds to reach your plants. It can be difficult for you to reach them too, either for harvesting or weeding. I use this method for generally two cases — for young plants that need temporary protection, and for young peas. Head over here for some fun and creative ways to use sticks and twigs in the garden.

In fact, there can be a lot of ways to to keep birds out of garden.

The information from this article will help you protect the garden from attacks by birds, and do it in the most comfortable way for you.

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