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How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

Date: 02.23.2024

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With the onset of summer, the question inevitably arises – how to protect yourself from mosquitoes? In addition, this problem applies not only to urban residents, but also to avid summer residents and gardeners. The choice of mosquito repellents today is more diverse than ever, and the main thing is not to get confused in this abundance, but to choose the best protection for yourself and your family.

Basic Mosquito Control

All the many types of mosquito repellents fall into two main groups:

  • Repellents,
  • Fumigants;

The purpose of fumigants is to destroy mosquitoes, repellents are designed to scare off blood-sucking insects.

Fumigants are used both indoors and outdoors: these are well-known fumigators with plates or liquid, spirals, all kinds of trap lamps, and so on.

Repellents are usually used in nature when you need to repel mosquitoes for several hours: these are sprays, pencils and various emulsions. Special anti-mosquito bracelets are also popular today.

Mosquitoes repellents

Fumigators – What Are They And Why?

The most affordable indoor mosquito repellent, moreover, proven over the years, is a conventional fumigator that plugs into an outlet. It is great for an apartment, house, summer residence. A plate impregnated with an insecticide or a container with a special liquid against insects is inserted inside the device.

The principle of operation for the plate and the liquid is the same, so everyone chooses for himself – the plates are inexpensive, but they will have to be changed every night, the more expensive liquid from mosquitoes is enough for 20-30 nights.

Mosquito Lamps

Another effective fumigant is special insect lamps . These lamps are usually used outdoors, but some types can also be used in homes, so please read the instructions carefully before buying. Of course, lamps will cost a little more than other protectors, but they are very effective, non-toxic and odorless. Their effect extends indoors within a radius of up to 100 sq. m.

Mosquitoes repellents

Outdoor Insect Protection

While indoors there is usually enough fumigator and mosquito nets to get rid of mosquitoes for the evening and at night, the situation is more complicated outdoors. Even if you destroy mosquitoes in one place, new ones will constantly arrive. Therefore, the choice of means for controlling insects in nature is much wider, it is:

  • Protective spirals ;
  • Repellents ;
  • Outdoor mosquito and mosquito killers ;
  • Destroyers – devices with gas cylinders;
  • Ultrasonic scarers ;
  • Mosquito bracelets ;
  • Lamps;
  • Treatment of a summer cottage with an insecticide from mosquitoes ;
  • Awnings with a mosquito net .

Anti-Mosquito Coils

This is the most affordable and popular tool. It is very simple to use them: the tip of the spiral is simply set on fire, and the coming smoke together with the active substance scares away insects. Spirals are a very effective tool in a confined open area, for example, during evening gatherings on the veranda or cooking barbecue.

Mosquitoes repellents

Trap Lamps, Ultrasonic Repellents, Awnings, Pavilions With Mosquito Nets

A mosquito trap lamp is more effective, but quite expensive (not to be confused with conventional lamps). These traps glow and mimic human heat to lure mosquitoes and suck them in with a fan .

In addition, such anti-mosquito lamps effectively destroy not only mosquitoes, but also small midges. All that is required is to change the anti-mosquito attractant cartridge on time. Depending on the price, they operate on a plot of up to 300-1000 square meters.

If you and your friends have decided to spend a pleasant evening in the garden near your house and are not going to rush to the premises as soon as possible, then you should think about purchasing tents or pavilions with a mosquito net . Such protection will prolong the holiday and make the rest comfortable and cozy.

Another good anti-mosquito repellent is ultrasonic mosquito repellents. They are inexpensive, but they help well in the fight against all blood-sucking insects.

Mosquitoes repellents

If the site is large (up to 40 acres), and there are a lot of mosquitoes, and they annoy around the clock, a mosquito killer for the street with a gas cylinder is well suited. Many mosquito killers are wheel-based, so they are easy to move around and put away in a barn or garage.

However, such a device against mosquitoes is not suitable for everyone: the exterminator costs an average of 20 to 50 thousand rubles, moreover, a gas cylinder is not included in the kit in some models – it will have to be purchased separately.

Treatment of The Area From Mosquitoes

If it is not possible to purchase a pest exterminator, and there are a lot of mosquitoes in the country, you can treat the site with chemicals from blood-sucking insects. Treatment against insects is carried out in 2 stages – for greater efficiency, anti-mosquito agents are sprayed throughout the territory.

For the first time, it is important to cover the places where mosquito larvae may be: barrels of water, ditches, drain systems. The second time, the drug is sprayed on bushes, thick grass and trees in order to destroy the insects themselves.

Advice : after anti-mosquito treatment for about a day, children and animals must not be allowed into the territory.

Repellents: Emulsions, Creams, Milk

I want to spend time not only at my country house, but also go on a small hike with friends. Just for such trips to the forest and fishing, the best insect control option is repellents. They come in different types: solid (pencils), liquid (milk, cream and emulsion), and aerosol sprays .

A pencil is the most affordable and at the same time hypoallergenic remedy. It dries for a long time, therefore it lasts for several hours and is very economical. It is easy to use: palms remain clean when applied and, unlike aerosols and emulsions, it does not need to be reapplied every hour and a half.

The milk and liquid mosquito repellent cream work effectively for about two hours, then they need to be renewed. However, they smell good and are usually suitable for children from 1 year old. The mosquito spray lasts 2-3 hours, but it is evenly applied and can be sprayed directly onto clothing.

Mosquitoes repellents

Anti Mosquito Bracelets

These funds are very popular today. These bracelets are impregnated with natural citronella essential oil – just put them on your hand, and protection from blood-sucking insects is provided for several hours. They are hypoallergenic, natural and suitable for small children.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is troublesome, but quite real, given the variety of means against blood-sucking insects. It is important to choose a remedy depending on the situation: for the house – a fumigator or a trap lamp, for a summer residence – spirals and a destroyer, for mushroom hunting – an aerosol or cream. In this case, mosquitoes won’t cause much trouble.

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