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I Have Rats problem-What To Do? 3 Step Guide

Protect Home From Rats

Date: 02.23.2024

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If you’re reading this article right now, then i bet, you have a suspicion that you have a rats problem. If you do have a rat problem, you need to get that taken care of right away because, Rats bring diseases, and they chew electrical wire that can cause a fire, and they Pee, poo and you don’t want to breath that.

Seeing a rats in your house is verification of the fact that you have an undesirable guest, and you need to get rid of rodents/rats/mice immediately. We shall discuss following steps that you can do, if you have Rodents or have a rat problem at your home,

  • What are the signs of rat problems?
  • Understand that Rats are smarter than you think.
  • You have Rats, What to do now?
  • do exterminators get rid of rats?

Table of Contents

What are The Signs of Rats Problem / Infestation in your home?

So here are some signs that you have a rat problem.

  1. Rats are Active at Night: so, if you’re hearing those little pitter-patters (a sound like that of quick light steps or taps) sound do rats make in walls at night in your attic / room, it’s shirttail sign that you have a rat problem or a rodent problem of some kind. so, are you hearing sounds at night in your attic?
  2. Are you seeing dropping: if you’re seeing rat droppings, that’s an obvious sign that you have some type of rodent problem in your house. you should then need to know how to stop rats from coming in your house?
    • If you are hearing those rat noises and seeing rat droppings, good thing to do to to get rid of rats in your home is, to go up to the attic, and use your nose, and smell, if you smell a urine smell, and if you do, it could be that rats nesting up there, they’re not just traveling through.
  3. Rats are climbers: and it could be inside or outside the home but you want to look for waxy, ugly, disgusting black trails that are going up the wall. It’s usually in a corner either inside or outside the house. This is another way that you can discover whether you have a rat problem or not. 

So you want to listen to the sounds in the attic. You wanna smell urine in the attic, and you want to look for signs of climbing up the walls. Did it confirm your suspicions? if so, you need to take care of this right away and think about best ways to get rid of rats in your home fast.

Rats are Smarter Than You Think

Rodents or Rats are shockingly brilliant and they’re likewise committed Mothers, who will put everything on the line to ensure the safety of their children.

rats problem

Do you realize that a mother rat has 5 sets of litters in a year, and every litter has anywhere from 7 to 14 babies? Think about that because those babies grow up very quickly within 5 to 6 weeks, and they are an adult enough to be a mother and have 7 to 14 more babies. You can see in following picture, how a rat problem can get out of control very quickly.

How do we know that rats mothers are intelligent?

Let discus it below,

  • They’re very cautious: they’re cautious in the sense that if they see something that, it’s not something they recognized before, they’ve seen before. For example,
    • Rats will stay clear of unfamiliar objects.
    • Leave Traps out before setting so they get used to them.
  • Rats can learn and adapt about 10 times quicker than us as humans. If a rat observes another rat getting snapped in the trap, the rat that’s observing it, is going to avoid that area completely.
  • Rats Smells Safety: they can smell human smell and they want to smell a rat smell not a human smell. Therefore
    • They Avoid items / objects that smell like human. This is why, use traps that have’t already used in a previous situation, because then they have that smell and it makes it more familiar to them.
    • They follow scents left by other rats to let them know area is safe. It gives them a safety feeling even more, so they follow the urine trail of the alpha rat, because they feel even more protected and more safe.

What to do if you hear rats in the walls or who can get rid of rats?

You’ve got rats. You’re probably wondering should I take care of this myself or should I hire best exterminators to get rid of rats?. You could try either or people that try to do this on their own end up having more difficulties, and it takes them longer to get rid of the problem, then if they just picked up the phone and call the pest control professional to take care of it.

But if you do still want to try to tackle this on your own I want to caution you to some things, the longer you wait to take care of the situation, or the longer it takes you, the more damage is done. Because rats don’t stop chewing. They don’t stop urinating, and they don’t stop leaving their droppings.

cost of rats infestation
estimated cost of rats infestation

How To Prevent Rats problem In Your House?

The best mode of action would be to

  • Keep Rats Out: Rats Can fit into holes, as small as a quarter. So, You need to close all possible entries to your home.
  • Use Rat size Traps and place them across the corners of your house. if you decide to go with Trap method. There are some things to consider, the trapping situation is very inhumane because they don’t die instantaneously and a lot of people don’t like it. You can use Glue Boards for Mice, Rat or Rodents as an alternative of usual old traps.
  • Use rat size Bait stations. if you decide to go with baiting method, Consider following,
    • Make sure that the rats eat the bait and does’t die in a wall somewhere, because you have no idea of timing when they got the bait, and when it’s actually going to take effect.
    • It takes about 2 weeks for that carcass to get eaten up by maggots and I know that sounds really disgusting.
    • Its Important to Know where to Leave the Bait Station.
  • Eliminate Food Alternatives such as trash cans outside of your home.

You Can Read our More Detail Guide on How to Get Rid of Rats or Rodent Problems in Your House!

You can always choose to do it yourself or you can hire the professional and save yourself, some money, some time, some aggravation and less time, with those Rats sharing your living space.

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