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How Food Industry can Implement Pest Control 2021?

Food Industry can Implement Pest Control

Date: 02.23.2024

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Pest is any living organism that causes damage, discomfort or transmit Diseases. 

It is important for any ipm food service establishments to institute a proper pest control mechanism to deal with any kind of pest infestation on its premises. Pest pose threat to food which often lead to, contamination as well as wastage of food.

Here we will discuss in detail, how to control pest in food industry?

  • Pest Regulation To Be Followed By Food Industry.
  • why is pest control important in food safety.
  • Pest Control Measures.
  • pest control procedures in the food industry
  • pest control system in food industry
  • pest management in food industry
  • The different types of Pests,
  • What we need to control them? and
  • Different methods of controlling pests.

Table of Contents

Pest Regulation To Be Followed By Food Industry

Food Industry is also required to follow certain regulations and rule with regards to pest control in food industry, before starting a food chain business or services. Some of the Major Points of Pest Control Programs, pest control in food industry, IPM Food are as follows,

what is a pest control program, pest control in food industry?

These include the food business operators shall implement an effective press control program.

Pest Control Program
sample pest control program for food industry

The pest control in food industry, pest control program should be able

  • To identify the Pest to be controlled.
  • The area / locations where control is to be applied.
  • The method of control using permissible physical chemical or biological agent.
  • The permitted dosage in case of chemical agent.
  • The Schedule with which press control has to be done.
  • Responsibilities of the persons involved in pest control and so on. 

Others General Regulations to be Followed for industrial pest control

Some of the general regulation to be followed by Food Industry for industrial pest control are as follows

  • Pesticide use should be permitted under the insecticide acts.
  • The pest control should be performed by trained and authorized Personals.
  • The pest control system in practice should be continuously monitored.
  • Record must be updated of pest control measures taken along with the best contracts.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the pest control activities do not contaminate food.

Pest Control Measures For Food Industry

Pest Control Activity or hygiene and sanitation in food sector pest control measures is based on 4Ds’ approach. These are,

  • Deny entry: that is to prevent entry of pests.
  • Deny Shelter: which means eliminate harboring sites of pest.
  • Deny food: Eliminate all food sources to the best.
  • Destroy Pest: which simply means to eradicate pest.
Pest Control Measures
sample pest control program for food industry

Different Types of Food Pest and sample pest control program for food industry

Now will understand in depth about the different types of Food pests and their sample pest control program for food industry. The common pests found in food service establishments, we struggled with usually in food business are,

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Flies
  • Stored Products Pest
  • Ants

If You are facing infestation of these common pests you can use our guide to eliminate seven most common pest infestation at your home.


They are the most commonly found pests in the food service facilities. Following are the tips to identify Cockroaches infestation,

  • They breed in places, that are warms that is 26 degrees centigrade or high and moist which is 65% humidity are higher
  • They hide in cracks and crevices and are attracted to services with spilled food
  • They generally leave course faecal droppings as well as faecal smears that dried on surfaces.

Industrial Pest Control, Pest Control Measures For Cockroaches Infestation

The control measures for cockroaches infestation are simple. Let’s see them one by one.

  • Check all equipment, such as microwaves, ovens and electric grills for any leftover food particles.
  • Inspect and clean order for preparation equipment and surfaces, and remove food particles from drains.
  • Use recommended chemicals to treat all the cracks and crevices.
  • Ensure that all such cracks and crevices are properly sealed.
  • Use permitted insecticides after business hours.
  • Maintained good sanitary conditions in the premises.
  • Keep all the dustbins covered.
  • Install cockroaches traps over the drains.
  • Ensure good lighting and ventilation as cockroaches preferred damp and dark places to nest and breed


The next pest in food establishments, we are going to talk about is Rodents. Rodents primarily include rats and mice.

  • Rodents damage or contaminate food and property, cause health threats associated with rodents, and spread diseases through their faeces and urine or by contact with the surface.
  • Rodents usually gain entry through open drains, doors, windows ventilators, openings around water pipes, sewers etc. 

Industrial Pest Control For Rodents Infestation

If you have rodent infestation then, what you can do?. The simple and easy pest control measures for controlling Rodents infestation are,

  • Installation of mechanical traps around entry points are an effective way of denying them access into the premises.
    • Mechanical rodent traps include ‘live traps’ which must be checked daily and rodents or their carcasses should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Installing tight fitting windows.
  • Keeping all drains covered with mesh.
  • Inspecting all the holes and cracks and seal them.
  • Setting up Lethal Traps, such as sticky traps, regular snap traps we Rodent infestation has already occurred.
  • Use Rodent Baiting.
    • Poison baits can be used both indoor and outdoor however if indoor baits is used then rodent could die in the premises. So, careful tracking of the baits is very essential.
    • Rodent travel along the walls. So, try to place the baits where rodents likely to find them.
    • If bait is put up in a public space, then it is important to put up secure bait station along with it.

If you are facing with serious Cockroaches or Rodents infestation you take the services of right pest control companies to help you.


The next kind of pest in food establishments, we are going to discuss about is flies and the flies are the most common pest associated with food handling facilities.

Flies hover over garbage and dump sites and rub off the dirt and germs sticking to their pads on the food, equipment and any of the food contact services.

Flies can be broadly divided into 3 categories. 

  • Garbage Flies: These include the house fly and coppery colored blue, blue, green flies. these usually seen near the garbage.
  • Fruit Flies: which are found near damaged or dumped vegetables and foods.
  • Drain Flies: which breed in sink drains or Flour but also in the drip lines of freezers, ice makers and Air Conditioners.

Industrial Pest Control For Flies Infestation

The control measures for these include

  • Maintaining proper sanitation in the premises.
  • Keeping all the food areas clean and dry.
  • Cleaning all spills around beverage dispensing stations.
  • Cleaning the drains regularly to prevent the build up of sludge. This is an effective way to control drain or fruit fly infestation.
  • Checking the refrigeration and ice maker drip lines and clean them when necessary.
  • Install a light traps both indoors and outdoors to trap flies. They should be mounted preferably 4 to 6 feet off the ground.
  • Keeping all food waste in tightly covered bins.
  • Cleaning garbage bins regularly.
  • Installation of fly proof doors and windows in the kitchen also prevents their infestation into the kitchen.

Stored Products Pest

Next we are going to study about stored product pest. Following are the pest that are most commonly found in stored products,

Stored Products Pest control
sample pest control program for food industry
  • Meal Moth: Which is a small moth with coppery colored wings. This is probably the most common store products pest.
  • Weevils, Flour and Grain Beetles: These insects attack on wide variety of food items.

Flour, Spices and Pasta are particularly the favorite food items of these beetles and moths. Food products contaminated with these insects are unfit for consumption. Tiny holes in cereals along powdery residue are the signs of infestation.

Industrial Pest Control For Stored Products Pest

The control measure for this kind of infestation include, 

  • Keeping the Food establishment, including equipment in good working order to prevent access.
  • Eliminating potential breeding sites of pests.
  • Storing the food in best proof containers above the ground and away from the walls.
  • Treatment with permissible chemical, physical or biological agents within the appropriate limits without compromising on food safety.
  • Maintaining records of pesticides or insecticides used along with the dates and frequency. 


Last kind of pest is Ants. Ants cause immense damage to food and transmit diseases through their excrement thereby rendering such food unfit for consumption. They often make their nests in spaces between walls under floors and undistributed litter in the outdoor.

Ants prefers sweet and salty foods. The control measures to control ant infestation are same as we discussed above in Pest Control Measures For Stored Products Pest.

Summary and Final Note To ipm foods

Let us summarize the best pest control measures. To prevent pest infestation,

  • Always maintain Hygienic Environment in food premises which makes it unattractive to Pests.
  • Keep pallets and machines isolated and away from the walls and buildings.
  • Follow a systematic design and maintenance of external spaces which include,
    • By holes and spaces elimination in waste land.
    • Cutting of grass lawns regularly
    • By stagnant water elimination.
    • The absence of rags, papers, plastic films and other detritus matter abundant on the ground.
  • Keep interior services such as racks, tops off pieces, or furniture clean.
  • Keep the technical area of the building clean and tidy to prevent rodent infestation.
  • Installed mosquito nets at window and suitable screens on access doors. 
  • Rigorously maintain up keep of waste.
  • use insect and rodent control equipments.

With that we come to an end please let us know about your views in comment box below.

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