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Making Sex During Your Period: The Complete Guide!

sex during your periods

Date: 02.23.2024

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Can we have sex during periods? How to practice two-way sex during the menstrual period of women? Is the practice recommended or on the contrary not at all? We tell you everything about how to have sex during your periods in this article!

Hello my little bunny! Today I am in a very good mood. I woke up with a smile and for once, I decided to share it with you. Yes, I’ll tell you a story. A story that all men on the planet know by heart and on the tips of their big fingers.

It is the story of a man who returns home and is very happy to find his wife. After a beautiful and sweet evening in the company of his sweetheart, things naturally get out of hand at night. The sexual tension rises between the two members of the couple, the contacts are made more and more sensual and the carnal desire of our two lovebirds makes the whole room tremble and melt.

But unfortunately for them, nothing concrete will happen tonight. And for good reason, Mister fell in the zone of the calendar that he hates the most and on these 5 days covered with red and blood. That Madame has its rules and neither sees a way to make love there.

A beautiful and huge mistake, because it is quite possible to have sex during your period. There is no medical contraindication that advises against having sex during this period, and on the contrary the practice has many advantages. This is what we see in this article! Let’s go!!!

Table of Contents

Why is period sex such a wonderful idea?

Before starting this article and this complete guide on “making love during the period“, a few clarifications, which might seem obvious, are in order. Indeed, before being harassed and stoned by a bunch of fierce and angry feminists, know that the practice of sex during period is only possible IF MADAME AGREES AND IF SHE WANTS TO.

For the rest, making love during their period is still a taboo for many people, but it is most often women who are reluctant to do so. They may feel less beautiful, less exciting and may especially tell themselves that the partner finds it dirty and disgusting.

However, at the time of the rules these ladies need to feel comforted and pampered, and small parts of legs in the air are then rather well seen at this time. Best of all, period sex has some nice benefits!

Women experience a spike in libido during period

waterproof sheets for sex during your periods

During period, the majority of women experience a big spike in libido. In other words, it is during period and the red period that ladies are most likely to want sex.

Several factors explain this phenomenon, and it would be quite silly not to take advantage of it with such a degree of excitement.

Menstrual blood serves as a natural lubricant

menstrual-love-lubricant for sex during your periods

Here I am not drawing you. But by having sex during your period, you are simply saving on lubricant. Menstrual blood indeed acts as a natural lubricant, and there will be less friction and scratching during penetration. For maximum pleasure and comfort.

Sex during red periods releases endorphins that ease period pain

endorphins rules for sex during your periods

We all know that making love releases endorphins (the hormone of happiness and well-being). During periodthe analgesic and therefore pain-relieving capacities of endorphins will thus come to relieve the pain of menstruation and also release a sensation of pleasure.

 A perfect way to forget the generally painful period of the rules.

Making love during period helps decrease cycle length


Finally, as another benefit to be mentioned, having sex during period could help decrease cycle length in some women

To understand this phenomenon, you should know that during orgasm contractions occur and bleeding can follow thanks to an increase in endometrial loss. Once the endometrium has completely broken down, there is therefore no more blood to lose. And therefore no more rules!

How to have sex during your period?

You just saw that having sex during period is absolutely nothing disturbing and that, on the contrary, sex during period offers quite a few advantages.

Now let’s get down to business and let me show you how to go about taking action. Because yes, there will be blood and you have to be well prepared to avoid fucking all over the place!

Prepare well before going under the duvet


Before getting laid during period of period, you obviously have to prepare the ground. Usually the first thing we all do is place a loose towel on the bed. But believe me, this tip sucks and is terribly sloppy.

Yes, your partner deserves much better than a vulgar old towel. Not only is this action not very gentlemanly at all , and not only may your lady feel uncomfortable doing so. To have class and to make your partner feel really comfortable, change your sheets altogether and opt for waterproof ones. Your bed will look great and any potential bloodstains that might occur shouldn’t hurt!

NB: to try to avoid the traces of blood on the sheets, Madame can possibly go in the shower before taking action. Water has the advantage of cutting off the flow of menstrual blood for a few short minutes!

To make love quietly during your period, choose these waterproof sheets. So you have your waterproof sheets to avoid staining your bed and to put your sweetheart at ease. And best of all, I found something else that should also please her and relieve her, with this tampon specially designed for intercourse!

Finally and to avoid some mishaps once you withdraw from Madame, remember to always have beside you an intimate wipe specially designed for us guys. In writing we use the strawberry towel, which is simply top notch. A product to always carry with you!

Choosing the right positions for sex during period

Okay, you’ve seen that having sex during your period is a relatively good idea and now you know how to prepare yourself and your partner for sex during the red period. Now all that remains is to practice!

To do this, stay wise and avoid choosing positions that will be likely to squirt blood everywhere. When you make love during your period, it is much more advisable to practice positions where the lady does not move too much and especially where her pelvis is the least used. Come on I’m nice I even give you some ideas in pictures!

The missionary: perfect for practicing sex during period

The missionary rule for sex during your periods

Without a doubt, the best position for sex during period is the missionary. Madame remains quietly in place and her pelvis does not move so much. You thus avoid splinters and flow of menstrual blood while making yourself happy during menstrual periods.

Spoons: for maximum comfort

The sex spoon posture rule sex during your periods

During period, some women experience terrible pain. Some even curl up lying on their side, with their knees slightly raised. A position that recalls that of the spoon, a sex position that is also to be chosen for parts of the legs in the air during period. Comfort and pleasure guaranteed!

Indra: for a little more pleasure and intensity

indra sex rule for sex during your periods

For a little more fun and action, the Indra is also a sex position to perform during red periods. The basin of Madame does not madness and acrobatics, and the position is even to be favored to make a woman enjoy.

For the rest, know that you can do absolutely all the positions you want if the bloodshed does not bother you at all. And if you are not really afraid of anything and that nothing repels you, you can also try to relieve your tender and dear with an extreme cunnilingus. Everything is allowed and we will absolutely not judge you!

We invite you to also read The 8 most unusual sexual practices in the world.

Some recommendations before having sex in the red period


To end this wonderful article on sex during your period, allow me to break the atmosphere by warning you all the same about some dangers.

It is not impossible to get pregnant while having sex during your period

And yes, don’t think it’s impossible for your partner not to get pregnant during her period. This is a good old myth that is totally false, and with a staggered cycle or a slightly long period, ovulation can overlap with the end of period. So better to be vigilant.

STIs are much more easily transmitted during period sex

Finally, know that during the rules – and this even if the lady is on contraceptive pill – that it is rather advisable to use a condom because the uterus is weakened. Without the protection of the endometrium, the latter is thus much more receptive to various sexually transmitted infections. Again, you better be careful.

Sad to say, but that’s the end of this article and this complete guide on how to have sex during your period. I wish I could have stayed with you a little longer talking about sex, menstrual blood and the like, but I have to go because more articles are waiting for me on the UpKeen blog. So see you soon! 

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