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Stepladder for homes: which is better?


Date: 02.23.2024

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There are necessary things in the household, but there are irreplaceable things. Each of us now and then needs to get something from the far shelf or pluck from the top branch. Sometimes two-meter height may not be enough. Therefore, such a device as a stepladder is useful both at home and in the country. But how to choose the right ladder, you will learn by reading our article.

Table of Contents

Types of Stepladders for home and summer cottages

There are quite a lot of types of ladders, so let’s try to classify them according to some criteria:

  • form of construction;
  • height;
  • number of steps;
  • material from which the ladder is made;
  • type of proposed work.

The classic stepladder has the shape of an isosceles triangle. For stability and prevention of involuntary folding, it is equipped with an upper platform or safety straps in the center.

The height of the ladder may vary. It is measured from the floor to the last step or platform.

Ladders can be located on one or two sides:

  • one-sided ladder – lightweight and easy to transport design. Only one person can be on it;
  • a double-sided ladder, if necessary, will allow you to work in pairs, being simultaneously from different sides. It is more stable, but due to the additional steps it will be a little heavier.
Stepladder for homes

Modern manufacturers offer us more interesting models:

  • Three-step stepladder – a mini-version of a stepladder up to 90 cm high. It can have either a classic shape or an alternative: for example, a chair or stool.
  • A folding step-ladder is a double-sided step-ladder that can be easily transformed into an extension ladder. The sides are rigidly fixed to each other, which makes the structure stable and reliable.
  • The transformer step-ladder has 2-4 sections, which are connected to each other by hinged locks. Reliable fixation of fasteners allows you to very quickly and easily turn a double-sided step ladder into a ladder, an L-shaped structure with a cantilever overhang, U-shaped scaffolds. The transformer step ladder is stable and convenient for working on uneven surfaces.
  • The telescopic ladder also consists of several sections, connected by clamps and hinges. The design is collapsible, so even the longest unassembled step-ladder is very compact and does not take up much space during storage. A very convenient model for transportation. Like the transformer step-ladder, it is indispensable in a situation of height difference.

Stepladder material, pros and cons

Stepladders can be made from different materials.

Stepladder for homes

Wooden stepladder

Wooden stepladders have many positive characteristics:

  • aesthetically pleasing, especially when varnished or painted. Sometimes they can even act as an element of interior design, especially if used in a library or dressing room;
  • with their help, you can safely work with electricity, so wood does not conduct current;
  • wooden steps do not slip;
  • the ladders fold in and out almost silently.

The disadvantages include the susceptibility of the material to high humidity or excessively dry air, as well as the rather large weight of the structure.

Metal stepladder

Metal stepladders are most often made of aluminum and its alloys, galvanized or stainless steel. Among their advantages are:

  • reliability and long service life;
  • the ability to withstand not only the negative effects of the external environment, but also mechanical damage;
  • significant weight makes the structure extremely stable;
  • special metal clamps and metal spacers securely hold the ladder in the unfolded state;
  • corrugated or specially coated step surfaces do not slip.

Steel ladders are, of course, more durable than aluminum ones. But they are much heavier. Therefore, tall structures are not always convenient to transport.

Aluminum deforms faster under high loads. Another disadvantage is the high electrical conductivity of the material. But at the same time, they are quite lightweight, which means more mobile.

The best option would be a stepladder made from a combination of steel and aluminum.

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Mixed material stepladder

Stepladders made of mixed materials involve the use of not only metal, but also plastic in the structure. It can be thermoactive polyester resin or other modern types of synthetic materials. These ladders are durable and lightweight. Perfectly suited not only for work indoors, but also outdoors.

Criteria for choosing a ladder for home and summer cottages

Stepladder for homes

We may need a stepladder to solve various problems:

  • assistance in solving everyday problems;
  • repair of premises and buildings;
  • pruning trees or picking fruits in the country;
  • professional work (installation, construction).

Therefore, first of all, we will define what we buy it for.

The most important criteria for choosing a step-ladder for home and summer cottages are:

  • The material from which it is made. It is unlikely that a wooden stepladder will last long at a summer cottage. The wood will quickly lose strength, dry up, crack, become unattractive in appearance and unsafe. But in a house or apartment with a high ceiling, stepladders-stools will look very appropriate. Metal transformer ladders or telescopic sliding ladders are perfect for renovation work.
  • Height. Knowing this parameter, taking into account the height of a person, you can calculate the maximum possible height of work.
Stepladder for homes
  • The length, measured from the beginning of the ladder to the end of the outermost element, will allow you to understand the options for storage and transportation.
  • Maximum permissible load. The steps should not deform and even more so break under your weight.
  • Quality of materials and build. Before buying, not only evaluate the ladder visually, but also ask for certificates of conformity or manufacturer reviews. Pay attention to the quality of the joints and joints.
  • Convenience and safety are the main criteria that will allow you to make the right choice.

It seems to be a simple thing. But if you are the proud owner of a convenient and practical step-ladder, always being on top and at the same time confidently standing on your feet will never be a problem for you.

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