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Vandal proof wallpaper from cats

Vandal-proof wallpaper from cats

Date: 02.23.2024

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Does your cat tear the wallpaper too? What to do in this case – scold your pet, buy a scratching post, or take on repairs? If you decide to resort to the last resort, our article is for you! In it, we will introduce you to vandal proof wallpapers that do not tear cats, tell you what else such a finish is good for, and also give advice on choosing.

If there are animals in the house, you need to choose particularly strong materials. In this article, we discuss anti-destructible or pet-proof wallpaper and other materials that are too tough for them to destroy.

Pets make us happier and are said to save us from some medical conditions. But even the most intelligent cat can scratch the sofa from time to time. And even a well-mannered dog can unintentionally eat half the house. Not to mention puppies and kittens! We threaten and scold, but love the little troublemakers, so we wallpaper and change the furniture again. Meanwhile, you can turn away from the usual path and use special anti-vandal or pet-proof materials.

Vandal-proof wallpaper from cats: cat scratch proof wallpaper: cat proof wallpapers
Vandal proof wallpaper from cats: cat scratch proof wallpaper

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Can a cat be weaned from scratching wallpaper?

It will not be possible to completely discourage sharpening claws: this is a natural need, which the cat cannot do without. However, if the animal spoils furniture or wallpaper, you can offer him an alternative – a scratching post. How to wean a cat from tearing up wallpaper and convince her to completely switch to a scratching post? First of all, you need to choose a model that is comfortable for your pet.

  • The size. It is desirable that the structure be larger than the cat: this way he can climb on it or lean on his hind legs.
  • Material. The scratching post should be made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material: corrugated cardboard, sisal cloth, rope.
  • Fastening. The product must be fixed to the floor or wall. Choose models with a comfortable and secure fit.

Even if you brought the perfect scratching post into the house, the cat will not necessarily immediately like it. Be patient and gradually accustom your pet to a new accessory. And if this does not work, you will have to eliminate the main competitors of the scratching posts: put on covers on furniture and replace the wallpaper. Below you will find out which wallpapers do not tear cats, and you can choose the best finish.

What is vandal proof wallpaper?

Vandal proof wallpaper is a highly durable finishing material. It is resistant to aggressive influences, including scratches. Anti-vandal wallpaper will not completely save you from cats and their claws, but it will help reduce damage. If your pet doesn’t like scratching posts or you want to keep the risk of damage to your wallpaper to a minimum, vandal-resistant wall coverings are a great choice.

Features of Vandal proof wallpaper from cats:

The main feature of the anti-vandal finish is its impressive durability. The wallpaper is prepared for the hazards that may threaten them during use.

  • Mechanical stress. The dense base and protective coating withstand the impact and pressure of heavy objects. In addition, there are almost no scratches on the surface.
  • Household acids and alkalies. Even if children have painted the walls with felt-tip pens or food colouring stains appear on the wallpaper, you can wash off the dirt with powerful detergents without damaging the material.
  • Ignition. In the event of a fire, such wallpaper does not flare up, but slowly smoulders. This allows fire to be quickly extinguished.
  • Ultraviolet. Some finishing materials fade in the sun, which makes part of the wall faded. Wallpaper of this type, on the contrary, is not afraid of contact with the sun’s rays.
Vandal-proof wallpaper from cats: cat scratch proof wallpaper: cat proof wallpapers
Vandal proof wallpaper from cats: cat scratch proof wallpaper

The main types of anti-vandal wallpaper and their characteristics

Looking for a truly durable scratch proof wallpaper? Find out which types of wall coverings meet your needs.

  • Non-woven with vinyl covering. Thick wallpapers usually have a non-woven backing. Non-woven is a fibre-cellulose material with excellent adhesion. It adheres well to the wall and can withstand even prolonged physical stress. The top layer is made of vinyl, but not foamed, as in conventional wallpaper, but pressed. The pressing technology allows you to achieve a high density of the material. Due to this, almost no scratches remain on it. A great option for those who keep a cat at home!
  • Wallpaper for painting. As in the previous case, such wallpapers are based on non-woven fabric, on top of which vinyl is applied. The difference is that the material to be dyed is denser. This is necessary so that the wallpaper does not get soaked or deformed by liquid paint, and also retains the relief. When the anti-vandal non-woven wallpaper for painting loses its original appearance, you can update it. Typically, such a coating can withstand up to 10 repaints.

But these wallpapers are not suitable for those who have cats, as they are not resistant to sharp claws. Owners of meowing cats are advised to use fibreglass and contract wallpaper.

  • Glass fiber. This is a type of wall covering that is made from fiberglass and impregnated with special compounds that give strength. Glass fiber has a reinforcing effect: it strengthens the walls and prevents the spread of micro-cracks. In addition, even with high humidity, fungus does not start in them.

How to choose cat proof wallpapers?

  • Manufacturer. Study the information about the brand that is releasing the material. Check whether the product has passed the mandatory certification and whether it has additional documents confirming the quality, for example, a certificate of compliance with international ISO standards.
  • Material. Pay attention to the type of material. scratch proof Wallpaper made of paper cannot have anti-vandal properties. The base should be non-woven or fiberglass. Consider the coverage carefully before purchasing. There are no seals and blotches on high-quality scratch proof wallpaper, unless it is part of the decor. Also appreciate the smell: it shouldn’t be harsh.
  • Design. The aesthetic properties of the finish are equally important. Fortunately, the modern assortment of anti-vandal wallpapers allows you to match the material to any interior. Decide whether the walls in your home will become an accent element or a neutral background. Based on this, choose the appropriate color, pattern and texture.
Vandal-proof wallpaper from cats: cat scratch proof wallpaper: cat proof wallpapers
scratch proof wallpaper: cat proof wallpaper: cat scratch proof wallpaper

Helpful hints and tips for choosing scratch proof wallpaper

  • Buy material with a margin. First, you will be able to correct the defects that occurred during the repair. Secondly, you will have the opportunity to “restore” the wall, even if the anti-vandal wallpaper gives up under the onslaught of the cat’s claws.
  • Make sure that the surface of the walls is sufficiently flat before you start finishing. Vandal proof wallpaper can even out the relief a little, but for better adhesion, they need to be glued to a prepared base.
  • If the material is very dense, you will need a glue with high adhesion, specially designed for heavy wallpaper.
  • If you have purchased wallpaper for painting, pay attention to the choice of paints and varnishes. For painting anti-vandal wallpaper, it is better to use latex or acrylic compositions with increased wear resistance.

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