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Which Coffee Table To Choose and Buy

Date: 02.23.2024

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No living room can be imagined without a beautiful coffee table. It’s not just a piece of furniture that you can place a book or TV remote on. If you approach the issue creatively, the table can become the central accent of the interior. The article described what tables are and how to choose furniture for the interior.

foc Coffee Table

A coffee table is an indispensable attribute of a modern living room, which complements the interior and makes it more functional. Usually candles, vases and other decorative items are placed on it. Also, the table is irreplaceable if you want to have a cup of coffee or tea in front of the TV. That is why different types of coffee tables are presented in stores, suitable for any interior.

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What are mini coffee tables for?

Small coffee tables in a living room or another room can serve different purposes. Here are 7 ideas for how to use a piece of furniture:

  • In the recreation area. Typically, the seating area includes a sofa and a couple of armchairs. This is a comfortable place where you can enjoy reading a book over a cup of tea under a beautiful table lamp or chatting with loved ones.
  • Children’s Corner. It is not necessary to buy children’s furniture to arrange a play corner. Just put a small table in the nursery, at which it will be convenient for the kids to do their creative work.
  • Instead of a dining table. In some cultures, there is no traditional table with chairs. You can do this at home with a mini table. And on the floor you can put soft pillows that will replace chairs.
  • For landscaping. Use a table to place a flower arrangement on it. It looks incredibly stylish and also refreshes the interior.
  • Instead of a bedside table. If you like non-standard solutions, you will definitely love using a stylish table instead of a bedside table. You can put your phone and other little things on it.
  • Emphasis in interior design. A stylish coffee table in the interior will become the central accent in the living room. In addition, it will not lose its functionality.
  • Lounge area on the balcony and terrace. If you don’t make a warehouse of unnecessary things out of the balcony, you can equip a cozy seating area thereby putting a couple of compact armchairs and a table. Imagine how great it is to spend your evenings looking up at the starry sky.

Types of coffee tables

Before choosing a piece of furniture, you should find out what types of coffee tables exist.

1. Coffee or tea table

A small table that can be made of different materials. Differs in laconic design and modest size. The most versatile are metal models without decorative elements. Thanks to their laconic design, they are suitable for any style.

2. Glass side table

An elegant piece of furniture suitable for neoclassical, art deco, minimalism, hi-tech, loft, techno and even retro interiors. The glass table can be called universal, since it can fit into almost any interior. Recently, rectangular or square models have been popular, in which glass is combined with steel.

A distinctive feature is the original design, which adds lightness and airiness to the interior.

3. Table with storage compartment

A great option if the living room does not have enough storage space. In such a table you can put books, magazines and a blanket. In a modern interior, laconic tables look harmonious, which in appearance resemble baskets. There is a table top on top that can be easily removed, and under it is a spacious storage compartment.

The table features a stylish design and open storage system. When used correctly, furniture can become an original accent.

4. Rattan or bamboo table

The use of natural materials in the interior is a design trend. Rattan tables look especially original, which harmoniously complement the living room in ethnic or colonial style. Also, the table will look appropriate on the veranda or balcony.

Another stylish option is a bamboo coffee table with metal legs. It will ideally fit into any environment and will become a real decoration of the home interior.

Rattan and bamboo are natural materials that do not emit harmful substances. The tables can support up to 50 kg.

How to choose a coffee table?

When choosing a coffee table for your interior, you need to consider several important nuances:

Coffee Table To Choose
  • Style and colors of the interior. If you are dominated by minimalism and light shades, choose a square or rectangular glass table. For a Scandinavian style, a white triangular table with rounded edges and accent pine legs is suitable.
  • Arrangement of furniture. This will help determine the dimensions. Round tea tables or side tables are ideal for a small room. They take up a minimum of space and perform their function perfectly.
  • Functionality. Determine exactly what you need a table for. If you need additional storage space, choose tables with compartments where you can put books or a blanket. So you will save space and solve the problem with things.
  • Your own preferences. Understand which style is closer to you – modern or classic, or maybe you are a lover of luxurious baroque. The design of the furniture will depend on this.
  • Price. An important factor that also needs to be considered. Define a price range for yourself and see furniture in this segment. This approach will save time.

Shape and dimensions

The size and shape of furniture is important in some interiors. For example, in minimalism, a round or oval table will look foreign, while it will fit perfectly into the neoclassical style.

If you need to save space, but not at the expense of the size of the furniture, then choose a round table. It will take up less space and will also save you and your children from injury.

In order to use the coffee table 100%, choose models with a storage shelf where you can put a TV remote control or a magazine. Another good example of functionality is the chest table. It looks a little extravagant, but you can store many things in it: a set for needlework, children’s toys, blankets and even dishes.

Which material is better for coffee table

The coffee table in the living room interior can be made of wood, metal combined with glass or marble top. Rarely come across plastic models. Let’s consider the features of each option.

  • MDF or chipboard. Universal material with a democratic price. A table made of MDF or chipboard is easy to match in color. However, keep in mind that enamel coated MDF requires careful handling. In order to avoid scratches, use special napkins-liners under the dishes. And then the MDF table will delight you with its beautiful appearance for many years.
  • Metal with glass. A great option if children do not live in the apartment. The fact is that glass is a fragile material, and any careless movement can lead to cracks. Another feature is the sound – when in contact with cups and spoons, the glass emits an unpleasant sound, but this problem can be easily solved by the dish supports.
  • Metal with bamboo. The table is not afraid of humidity and sun, so it is a great option not only for the living room, but also for the terrace, balcony and veranda. When heated, bamboo does not emit harmful substances, so it is 100% safe for people and animals. The bamboo side table is easy to combine with other furniture.
  • Rattan. Another natural material that is often used in ethnic or colonial interiors. The rattan table looks organically not only in the country, but also in the living room. If you put a rocking chair or wicker chair next to it, it will add coziness and make the atmosphere homey and warm.

How to choose the style of the interior?

If you don’t know which coffee table will perfectly complement your interior, we recommend choosing a universal option that will match in wall color. Basic shades: white, gray, black and light beige. This palette is suitable for almost any interior.

To choose a beautiful coffee table for the living room interior, consider the general style of the room and the color scheme. For example, a black table will look foreign in a light interior and vice versa.

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