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Which table lamp is best for a student?

Study Lamp | Best LED Table Lamp for Study And Office Work

Date: 02.23.2024

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Your child has already started school. After the first days of the holidays, there are “harsh days” that require homework and constant reading of books. A well-equipped workplace is half the success of a student’s education, and one of the most important roles is the choice of suitable lighting / table lamps.

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Why it is important to provide quality workplace lighting

best table lamp for a student

To begin with, I propose to figure out whether a table lamp is so important for a student.

Every day, from 2 to 5 hours, the student will spend on homework, and improper lighting conditions can greatly impair his vision and posture. A well-chosen light source will help you practice in a safe environment, performing work with pleasure and interest. Remember the characteristics of a quality desk lamp:

  • Has a clear, bright light that is easy to work under;
  • Does not strain the visual analyzer, preserves vision;
  • Does not cause quick fatigue, irritability;
  • Maintains correct posture;
  • Safe for the child;
  • Creates a comfortable environment for performing various activities.

Criteria for choosing a table lamp for a student

best table lamp for a student

We have come to the main question: what criteria for choosing a table lamp is important to pay close attention to.

  • Consider the material of the table lamp. All materials from which the lamp is made must be durable, high quality and certified. A plafond made of metal, heat-resistant plastic or impact-resistant frosted glass is the best solution. However, remember the correct combination of material and light source: if the lamp has a metal shade and an ordinary or fluorescent lamp, it will quickly heat up and can cause burns in a child or even fire if used improperly.
  • Consider the color and shape of your desk lamp. The best for teaching are lamps that are trapezoidal – wide at the edges and narrow at the base, this guarantees optimal illumination and precise direction of light, without negatively affecting the eyes. Do not forget to make sure that the light bulb does not protrude beyond the edges of the plafond, otherwise it “presses” on the eyes and leads to fatigue, as a result of which vision may be impaired. The green, white, yellow colors of the luminary body are the most pleasant and suitable for the working environment.
best table lamp for a student
  • Think about the design of your desk lamp. The model should be easy to adjust, adapt to the height, position and other needs of the child. It is also worth thinking about how to mount the table lamp. The lamp can be installed directly on the table, while the base must be heavy and massive to be as stable as possible, and the surface of the table base must be matte so as not to reflect incident light into the eyes. Also, the lamp can be screwed or clamped to the edge of the table, saving space in the workplace.
  • Consider the types of table lamps. This is an important issue that we will look at in more detail later in the article.
  • Consider the color and wattage of the table lamp. The shade of the lighting affects your productivity. Therefore, modern parents choose table lamps equipped with a rheostat, which allows them to control the color temperature. The typical working light range is 1000-1400 lumen. Cold light will help the child to concentrate and cope with difficult tasks, daylight – suitable for familiar activities, and warm – will help prepare for bed.
best table lamp for a student
  • The modernity of the selected equipment. Children love technical innovations, so for them you can buy a table lamp with USB charging for various gadgets, with control via Bluetooth or a built-in speaker.
  • Consider the price and warranty for your desk lamp. What’s your budget? This is usually an important factor. Some bulbs are very inexpensive, but they may lack many features such as dimming. While others have a higher price tag, they are generally well equipped so that the child can have full control over their desktop lighting needs. In addition, you should consider what type of warranty the table lamp you want to purchase has.

types of table lamps and the light sources

Now let’s take a closer look at the types of table lamps and the light sources used in them, since, as experience shows, sometimes this is the only criterion that parents pay attention to due to inexperience.

best table lamp for a student
  • Incandescent lamp – characterised by high energy consumption and heating during operation, has a limited color temperature. In addition, the yellow glow, like the blue and white, creates an additional strain on the eyes.
  • Halogen lamp – has a bulb filled with gas (bromine or iodine vapour) and a filament. Due to this, it consumes less energy and works 2-3 times longer. However, halogen lighting has high levels of ultraviolet radiation, which makes it hazardous to eyes and skin. People with high sensitivity may experience redness, breakouts and swelling on the skin. It is not recommended to stay near such a lamp closer than 30 cm.
best table lamp for a student
  • A fluorescent lamp, or energy-saving lamp, illuminates a large area and emits light evenly, but such a source can have a cold tint and flicker, which quickly gets tired eyes. It also contains mercury vapours, which is not the best choice for a children’s room.
  • The LED lamp is bright, economical, does not heat up, is safe and lasts for decades. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and color temperatures. The cost of LEDs is the highest among the bulbs described above, but this is offset by its advantages and safety.

Also Following Tips on Decor / repair & maintenance of your Home will also be beneficial for you;

Correct organisation of the student’s workplace

A lot of attention should be paid to the organization of the student’s workspace.

best table lamp for a student
  • Items necessary for learning should be easily accessible, things are located on the shelves, taking into account the child’s height.
  • Place your desk in a location with good natural light so that daylight provides a comfortable and soft glow.
  • Daylight should not be blocked by thick curtains, indoor flowers or poorly washed windows, this creates unnecessary shadows, which strains the eyes.
best table lamp for a student
  • When you turn on the table lamp, you should also turn on the ceiling light so that when you move your eyes into an unlit room, they do not hurt.
  • If your child is right-handed, then the table lamp should be installed to the left of him, if left-handed, respectively, to the right. This rule is due to the fact that the shadow falling from the hand does not cover the work area.
  • When reading a book, place the lamp in the middle of the table so that the light hits the pages perpendicularly and evenly.

As you can see, choosing the best light for study is not rocket science, a science available to everyone. Always remember to protect your eyes because they age with us. Do not ignore the need for good lighting, because classes should be safe and healthy, and your child should have fun and joy in learning. When choosing a table lamp, do not forget to take your child with you to the store. Participation in the selection process will help him feel like an adult and add independence, including when doing school homework.

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